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Emotional Fury in Tokyo Revengers: Inside Angry Crying

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If you’ve just finished episode 9 of season 3 of Tokyo Revengers and need someone to talk to about Angry crying, don’t be shy and take a seat.

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For so many years I’ve watched so many battle animes and I have always wondered why there is not a hero that would have so much power and still be so scared of hurting people, even the bad ones. Now I’ve finally found one. Ladies and gentlemen, I present to you a boy called the crying blue ogre ( his name is Angry, well actually it’s Souya Kawata).

Angry is the Fourth Division Vice-Captain of the Tokyo Manji Gang and the younger twin brother of Nahoya Kawata (smiley). He carries a cool style and is not very tall. Often wearing the toman uniform, Angry’s face is set in a way that his veins are always popping which is why his name is Angry ya’ll. But despite his appearance Angry is a nice kind-hearted boy who is a fan of peace, as everyone should be in my opinion. I believe Smiley once said that Angry is too nice to beat anyone up. Minor spoiler but he really is.

He is not much of a fighter as we all know. He lacks some skills and is weaker than Smiley, but the secret about Angry is that once something bad happens to one of his friends, Angry starts crying, yep you might say it’s normal but listen to this. When he cries an internal switch turns on inside him that makes him “a hundred times stronger” than Smiley as Smiley himself mentioned once.

We can clearly see his power as he beats up the Haitani brothers, Yasuhiro Muto and Kanji Mochizuki after Ran’s attempt to kill Hakkai who was a dear friend of Angry

The crying blue ogre rises unexpectedly and Tokyo Revengers proves once again how charming its storytelling can be. I feel like a proud mom.

Who are Angry and Hakkai really?

Each character in Tokyo Revengers brings out a new set of emotions and shows a different side of being a human. Let’s see how emotionally deep these two key characters are, seeing how their past and present shape their emotional responses.

Angry (Souya Kawata): Angry’s character arc, especially in Season 3, is a hell of a ride. The “Crying Blue Ogre” inside him shows his internal fight between his softer side and his savage, and wild side in Toman. You can tell from His interactions with the Haitani Brothers in the Yokohama Tenjiku arc.

angry charecter look

Hakkai: Hakkai is timid but friendly. He is nothing like his older brother taiju who is extremely abusive and hungry for blood. Hakkai goes out of his way to give love to the people he cares about, he is even willing to take the blame for the murder of Taiju so that Yazuha wouldn’t have to face the consequences. In addition to all of that, he also gave up the comfortable life he had in Toman in order to help Takemitchi escape from Black Dragon.

Hakkai has always felt like he owed Takemitchi his life. I’ve noticed him call Takemitchi Onjin a lot, so I went after the meaning of the name ( as you would if you were as nosy as me ) and it literally means “A person who you owe your life to”.

His friendship with Angry is one of my favorite duos in Tokyo Revengers.

angry in tokyo revengers

what to learn from this?

In a particular scene, we watch Angry and Hakkai get beaten up by the Haitani brothers. Rindou has broken Angry’s leg and is now holding Hakkai’s hands as Ran proceeds to smash his head with a baton. I remember the scene being so intense and sad. Angry’s life flashes before his eyes as he sees his friend being beaten to death. He then starts crying out of sadness and anger, with the rush of adrenaline he stands up, making Rindou wonder how he did that with a broken leg. Rindou smiles as he goes to push Angry down but soon realizes he’s standing steady as a mountain, it’s like he has all the power in the world.
Angry kicks Ran and Rindou’s ass as revenge for his friend Hakkai and watching that had me crying so hard. I do believe in the magic of friendship and justice, and I’ve learned it’s something worth fighting for.


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