How old is Makima

How old is Makima?

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You know the drill don’t you? You start a series, finish it by dawn, and suddenly are so immersed in the lives of your favorite characters. The same happened to me about Makima. Well, she isn’t my favorite character exactly, but I’m interested in her life. Naturally the question “How old is Makima?” occurred to me and it is safe to say I searched everywhere and rewatched every episode for it. Just so you can easily find it. Thank me in the comments ok?

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So, back to business. The show keeps the suspense at the most intense level. There’s always an aura of mystery around Makima. I hate to break it to you but the Anime never reveals her age, but there are fan assumptions. Based on the way she wears, her hair always being so neatly done, and her seducing abilities I’d say she’s in her mid to late twenties. Although we don’t know how age works for The Chainsaw Man‘s Demons.

Makima being the Control Demon, can be 200 years old for all we know. She looks young and beautiful and honestly, I think age never defined her, for she was a strong character throughout the series. Maybe we never got the age because it simply wasn’t very important.

How old is Makima

A wrap on Makima’s age

Neither the anime nor manga give us an exact number for Makima’s age.

Here’s what we can build off of:

  • Her appearance: Her style, way of talking, and the shamelessness in her eyes (that doesn’t come in 15-year-olds), also the control she easily has on people, fans suspect she must be in her mid-twenties or 30.


  • Devilish nature: On the other hand Makima is the Control Devil. For all we know Devils don’t age the same as humans. Based on that she might be as old as Trilobites (Species older than dinosaurs).
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