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Explore Mikey’s Mind, What is Sano Manjiro’s MBTI?

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Have you ever seen a character so mysterious that you have to know every part of their personality? For me, that person is Sano Manjiro, the heart and soul of Tokyo Revengers. As a loyal anime fan, I’ve watched quite a lot of characters and this guy really stands out in my eyes. He has a cool aura around him. He’s collected and very laidback while being powerful which screams charisma. Being the kindest writer I am, I have explained to you how the mind of Mikey works using the MBTI personality type.

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Come with me and let’s get into it.

What is Sano Manjiro’s MBTI Personality? 

Let’s open up the mysterious brain of Sano Manjiro of Tokyo Revengers. This guy’s actions and demeanor scream INTP – the thinker, the architect, and often, the charismatic leader. To be honest we all expected the INTP didn’t we? INTPs are logicians, they are also incredibly creative and not afraid to express their unique ways of thinking or to stand out from the crowd. Throughout the series we see Mikey be exactly like that.

Mikey’s brain works like a supercomputer when it comes to strategy and analyzing different situations, which is the classic INTP manner. He doesn’t just jump into decisions without thinking and he doesn’t let his emotions rule his life. No, he takes a step back and looks at the situation from afar, then comes up with an idea that shocks everyone. It’s like watching a pro chess player, he’s always two steps ahead.

Then there is this deep insight into the world. From the outside, INTPs may seem to be always in thought, which isn’t necessarily a bad thing. People with this personality type hardly ever stop thinking. From the moment they wake up, their mind buzzes with ideas, questions, and insights. Mikey does seem detached from conversations but it’s not because he isn’t interested, it’s because he’s taking in all the information from around him.

But here’s the thing, Mikey is not just about logic and coldness. He has this goofy side, popping a bit of humor into the show, and sometimes interacting with emotions. Because INTPs might be analytical beasts but they’re also human, with their unique way of living.

Sano Manjiro’s background, is it important? 

The way Mikey has been brought up and his childhood play an important part in understanding his actions.

Mikey was raised by a martial arts master (his grandfather), so you can imagine he’s got the same discipline. His discipline is something you can’t erase out of him, just like his blonde hair. The time he spent with his brother has shaped him into a fine strategist. The times spent with his half-sister Emma shaped the emotional side of his brain, as he found himself to be the protective brother and the core of the family. These kinds of things made him have a soft spot for his loved ones.

Then a bunch of things happened that put him under pressure. But don’t lose hope because Mikey, our INTP problem solver, comes out as a diamond. The death of his brother, the betrayals, and each challenge turn him into the boy he is now, and I think for that Tokyo Revengers needs a few rounds of applause. They’ve made a main character develop this much. I can’t remember any other anime being able to do that as beautifully. I’ve seen so many characters give up under less pressure than Mikey’s. Yet, Mikey stands tall and grows more and more. He learns from both good and bad and lets his INTP intellect guide him through the chaos, for an INTP’s greatest weapon is their mind.

Mikey's mbti is INTP

Mikey, as the Leader of the Tokyo Manji Gang 

Leading the Tokyo manji gang isn’t easy, you might think it is, just bossing everyone around, But it takes certain charisma and discipline to make people listen to you.

Mikey keeps his cool most of the time. He only gets angry when things get intense, which makes his people trust him and his decisions. His gang doesn’t listen to him only because they have no choice, but because he earns their attention. Mikey is calm but calculated. He analyses and creates mindblowing strategy but even that isn’t enough to be a great leader, I’ll tell you what is. What makes Mikey a great leader is his sense of democracy. He listens to his people, bends his beliefs if he needs to, and respects the strength of every person in his gang. INTPs don’t mind having their ideas challenged – in fact, they have a great deal of respect for people who make them rethink their assumptions and keep them on their toes. That my friend, elevates Mikey’s sense of leadership.

MBTI of sano manjiro

Conclusion, as always

As we watch Mikey’s journey throughout the series, we see traumas, challenges, and dark paths being chosen. Mikey’s a great fighter, both mentally and physically. He does an amazing job at being the brain and the muscle of his gang and he does it so effortlessly that it’s believable. That’s how INTPs are.

INTPs are also introverted, so they love their alone time. Mikey loves his friends to death but also needs his alone time to figure life out. As an introvert, I can’t relate more to that.

In the end, we can agree that each personality is unique and it’s what makes being around people fun. Tokyo Revengers is all about different people with different personalities living in harmony. So, Who’s personality should I decode next?

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