Did Makima groom Denji

Did Makima manipulate Denji?

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Dear readers, hold your horses because what I’m about to tell you is the epitome of having a crush. Denji and Makima‘s story is one hell of a ride, with surprising twists and spirals you couldn’t have guessed.

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Everything starts out pure, with Makima being generous towards Denji, providing him with food and giving him a job as a Devil hunter. She showered him with praise all the time. Denji who was an innocent 16 year old starts having feelings for Makima. Later, we and the Chainsaw Man find out that Makima’s motives aren’t even pure. The question is will he find out soon enough? The suspense is real, and the answer probably won’t shock you.

Did Makima groom Denji

Makima seemed like a genuine person at first, showering Denji with affection and lustful eyes. Some things happen and she doesn’t look innocent anymore. The truth comes out: Makima doesn’t have any feelings for Denji and is only obsessed with the Chainsaw Devil inside him. All this time she was manipulating him just to get what she wanted.

Denji was nothing more than a pet for Makima, merely a ladder to go up and get to her goal. In Denji’s point of view tho he was proud of himself for nailing at impressing a beautiful woman. It’s sad but also a bit funny right? Denji was head over heels for her and realization hit him way too late. When it does hit him, Denji defeats Makima in the field of graves and ends up eating her. Creepy I know but he had to, in order to restrain her from her regenerating demon abilities.

So, Did Makima manipulate Denji?

Yes, very much so. Makima and Denji’s relationship wasn’t healthy at all. It was a toxic journey of unrequited love, manipulation, and dark motives. That’s Chainsaw Man for you, a show full of dark motives and surprises. Tell me in the comments what you think of it, I’d love to know!

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