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Bonten in Tokyo Revengers: The Gang’s Legacy & Power

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Let’s talk about Bonten, shall we? As a die-hard fan of the Tokyo Revengers series, I’ve seen the fall of so many gangs, and rise of many more, but none of them tickled my imagination quite like Bonten. I’m assuming you wanna know why, so allow me to skip unimportant stuff and get right into it.

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Bonten is a criminal organization whose leader is Manjiro Sano, also known as Mikey. It got created after the victory of the Kanto Manji gang in the battle of three deities, and I must say it’s a damn scary gang. Bonten is also known as Japan’s most feared crime gang, so you can imagine how scary and powerful they are.

What amazes me the most is actually the Philosophy behind the name. Dear readers, Bonten is the Japanese name of the Hindu creator god Brahma. He is known to be the lord of creation, and he is the only god in the heavenly world who doesn’t keep any weapon with him, which is very funny to me considering the Bonten gang’s strategies. Also in Hinduism, “Brahma” is one of the three great gods, and when we think of the three great gods, what do we remember? Exactly, the “Three Deities”.

For me, the rise of Bonten felt like a turning point in the series. It shows us how Mikey who was a troubled teenager leading a middle school gang, Tokyo Manji Gang, turns into a scary leader of a criminal kingdom. Why did Mikey become so dark and emotionless in Bonten? We’ll talk about that later.

The Bonten arc also shows Takemichi Hanagaki’s journey through time, his confrontations with Mikey, and his desperate tries to change the future. It’s all a game of decisions, it’s safe to say I wouldn’t be very good at this game, as I take the longest time deciding what flavored tea to drink in the morning, but the Bonten gang are surely the best at it.

 what are The Origins and Symbolism of Bonten? 

In the busy world of Tokyo Revengers Bonten doesn’t just appear out of nowhere; it’s a result of a series of events including the fall of different gangs and the rise of new powers in Tokyo’s underground. Soon After the Tokyo Manji Gangs disbanding, an empty space was created and Tokyo entered the so-called Tokyo’s Sengoku Period, which in simple words is the period in Japanese history in which the civil wars were happening.

Now put whatever’s in your hand down and listen carefully here. In this period three major groups bloomed: the Kanto Manji Gang, Tokuhara Tendai, and Brahman. Each of them was led by people who would later play important roles in starting Bonten. After some time these gangs became one, under the leadership of Mikey Bonten was formed, and the rest is history.


bonten tokyo revengers mark is shown.

Where does the name Bonten come from?

I must say, it’s a lot deeper than it seems. Bonten dives into religious and cultural symbolism. The name itself, 梵天, is a reference to Buddhism and the heavenly sky. The first kanji, 梵, is related to Buddhism, meanwhile the second one, 天, insists on infinite power. Put them together and they symbolize the gang’s power and forcefulness, and its connection to historical events and myths.

We’ve briefly talked about Bonten’s connection to the Hindu god Brahma. Brahma, as a god and creator, represents the beginning of it all, just like how Bonten was a new era of crimes in Tokyo. You might’ve also noticed the matching tattoos on all the members’ bodies. I believe it’s a way to say “We are one” and probably “Be terrified of what we as one huge power can do to you”.

 Sano Manjiro the emotionless leader, or is he really?

Sano Manjiro, or as everyone likes to say, Mikey, is the center of Tokyo Revengers, well kind of. He starts as the charismatic member of the Tokyo Manji Gang and eventually turns into the dark lord of Bonten. As a child, he was extraordinary. He could win fights against people older and bigger than him. Maybe this played an important role in him eventually becoming the feared leader of Bonten.

bonten group

I’ve seen people talk about how Bonten Mikey has become emotionless and doesn’t care about anyone or anything, but I believe it’s not true at all. Let me elaborate.

Mikey sacrificed his chance to leave the gang life and grow into a good person only because he wanted to make sure all of his friends lived a better life. He has for sure become the worst person, but everyone from the Tokyo Manji gang is living a good life, and to mention everyone is alive and breathing. So I think he cares for his friends a lot, to the point of becoming a dark person just so they can live in peace, but that’s just my take. I wish I could hear yours (please agree with me so I feel good about myself).

Bonten members excluding Mikey

Each one of these people brings a unique flavor to the gang. To add to the fun I’ve put them in order of who I like the most : 

Hajime Kokonoi (aka Koko): The Mastermind of financial stuff

Koko’s role in Bonten is more than just physical power; He is the brain of the gang. He has the ability to manage Bonten’s finances and make great funds. Koko has been in a lot of gangs before joining Bonten, gangs like Tenjiku and Black Dragons, so I think we can all agree that this man has some mindblowing survival skills.

MBTI personality type: ESTP

Kakucho Hitto: a friend or an enemy

Watching Kakucho Hitto’s story, I felt like it was one of the saddest parts of Tokyo Revengers. He used to be a kind childhood friend of Takemichi, but then Kakucho’s way of life changed dramatically, resulting in him befriending Izana and becoming a member of Bonten. He has a rare personality, for he is loyal and caring, and a crazy fighter (proven to be true in the Kanto Incident ).

MBTI personality type: INFJ

Haruchiyo Sanzu: The perfect right-hand man

At first, Haruchiyo Sanzu was usually only seen in the background of events, but eventually, he became an important figure in Bonton. What I have to tell you is that he’s the most loyal person you’ll ever meet, making him the best right-hand man for Mikey.

MBTI personality type: ESTJ

The Haitani Brothers: The Destructive Siblings

Ran and Rindou Haitani, members of the feared Showa 62, are known to be two of the most stylish characters in Tokyo Revengers. They have great tactics and survival skills. I think we all agree that The Haitani brothers always make the scenes more exciting every time they make an appearance. They’re quite like the delicious dessert after a semi-boring meal.

MBTI personality type :


Rindou: ESTP

All of these people working together next to Mikey has made Bonten the most feared and respected gang in Japanese history, as no one has the guts to go near them. Members like Sanzu and Kakucho serve as Mikey’s closest advisors, Sanzu with his royalty and Kakucho serving as the muscle of the gang.

wrapping everything up

Just thinking about the Bonten arc of Tokyo Revengers, I find myself amazed by the perfect storytelling techniques, the detailed view of each character and just everything being the way it should be, even Mikey. For me, the path Mikey chose and everything related to that is just a mirror of the way you have to expect anything from life. You try your best but sometimes you have to kneel in front of cruelties and sometimes the bad things that happen to us turn us into different human beings.

Also don’t forget the impact of past decisions on the future. Tokyo Revengers is all about that. From Takemichi being pushed to his limits by Bonten, to Mikey shooting him, to everyone ending up being happy and alive, even Mikey’s lack of emotion, it’s all a ripple effect of choices in the past.

In the Bonten arc Hina’s alive and is soon to be married to Takemitchi, Sanzu, and Koko seem to be happy, and Kazutora has healed. Basically, all is well and that’s good enough for me.

Lastly, I have to thank you for sticking around until the last part of the article. You’re a real gem, and I hope this has helped you answer your questions. Til the next tale, sayonara.

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