Is Makima a devil hunter

Is Makima a devil hunter?

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Makima in The Chainsaw Man seems to be all over the place and quite a mystery. She was the Chief Cabinet Secretory’s personal Devil Hunter who was later on revealed to be a Control Devil herself. Quite amusing right? The Reiner Braun of The Chainsaw Man.

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Makima as a devil hunter is extremely gifted. She talks gently and is relaxed even during a crisis. As a devil, she’s quite the opposite. Makima as a devil is cunning and calculating. She’s mischievous, someone who doesn’t care about the people around her and only uses them as pets to achieve her goal. But the question is why did she work as a devil hunter being a devil herself?

Is Makima a devil hunter

 Your questions about Makima

Is Makima a devil hunter?

Yes, she is the boss of Denji‘s devil-hunting squad and does a damn good job at hunting and killing Devils. She’s calm and strategic and leads the group in the best direction. As a devil hunter, she did some good stuff. Her motives may be different but there is no denying that she did nice stuff for people. Makima protected Denji and kept the civilians safe by hunting Devils and much more.

Why did Makima join as a Devil Hunter while being a Devil herself?

That’s a tricky question. The answer is that Makima signed a contract with the Japanese prime minister. According to that Any damage given to her is deflected onto Japanese citizens so in exchange She works for the government as a Devil Hunter and attempts to make a better world.

Also, Makima could use the public safety. It’s an attempt to have all people under her influence, wrapped around her thumb. Being a part of this squad gives her access to all other devils without the Hunters being suspicious of her.

To add on that, Makima is indeed a Devil but she doesn’t exactly like other Devils besides Pochita. So I think she actually finds it enjoyable to hunt down and kill Devils.


So there you have it folks, Makima’s life choices in a nutshell. Let me know what you think of it in the comments! I read them all. Byee.

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