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Takeomi Akashi: The Calm Leader in Tokyo Revengers

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Takeomi Akashi is not your typical combat guy. At first sight, He has a calm and charismatic demeanor and seems unbothered, but, just at first sight. I like guys that have a dark mysterious aura around them. Maybe that’s why Takeomi was my favorite character when I first saw him. As time goes by you’ll realize he’s got more to him than you thought.

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Akashi‘s journey starts from the scary Black Dragon Gang to the front row of the Brahman Gang. His path seems to always be centered around gang life. He also has connections with some of the characters in Tokyo Revengers who play important roles in the series. I’ll tell you about it later.

 Who is Takeomi Akashi?

Takeomi Akashi is really different from the rest of Tokyo Revengers characters. Picture this: a man in his mid-20s with a tall frame and slicked-back mullet that’s a mix of black and blond. He has this scar, right on the right downside of his face that is a reminder of his dark past. You’ll catch him pulling a cigarette out of his pocket every time he’s in a scene frame. This guy is quite like a tree, always present and morphing into whatever weather condition that’s happening around him. Let me say it this way. most people get over the gang life they once loved as a teenager when they become adults but for Takeomi Akashi gang life never loses its fun.

Personality Traits

If I were to talk about his personality I would say Akashi’s like those clouds you see in cartoons over the main characters head. He’s a perfect mix of calm and stormy. After becoming Vice President of black dragon akashi became arrogant and proud. He always mentions gaining power as his motivation but I personally believe he wants money more than anything. That’s why he has stuck around even after all this time.

Takeomi Akashi with scar

what is his role in Tokyo Revengers?

Takeomi Akashi was a vice president of the former scariest gang black dragon until he became money and power-hungry and lost everything. He was deep in debt with nowhere to escape. Around that time Takeomi’s younger sister Senju Kawaragi brought up the idea of wanting to create a new gang. Akashi then tried to convince his sister to let him be a part of it, which she accepted as she needed his wisdom. Now he’s serving as vice president of Brahman, but soon he’ll mess this up too and become remorseful and sorry towards his sister. It’s almost like he doesn’t know what ground to stand. He lacks resilience if you ask me, and also a sense of responsibility. Takeomi Akashi feels like an interesting character with wasted potential in the entire series.

Takeomi tokyo revengers

Takeomi Akashis’s character development (doesn’t develop much)

Despite being a Terrible friend and brother (to both Sanzu and Senju), Takeomi Akashi does reflect on his behavior and tries to do better. He never tried to fix his mistakes though, only said sorry and cried like a baby.

Fast forward to the three deities arc, watching Takeomi turn 180 degrees made me shocked at the level of anger he does have. He stopped thinking and listening and just wanted pure and wild violence towards Rokuhara Tandai. A lot of fans believe he’s very similar to Kisaki, as both of them wanted to gain power and money in different gangs.

Takeomi Akashi

The end

Takeomi Akashi’s arc in Tokyo Revengers has been very bittersweet for me. Correct me if I’m wrong but I feel he’s the most realistic character of the series. He’s nowhere near perfect, gets blinded by the thought of money and power, and makes too many mistakes for his own good, but he also has useful traits and a lot of good things about him. Akashi has always been full of wisdom. He’s known to be a very good adviser as even Manjiro Sano has asked for his advice on different matters before.

So who are we to judge him for his mistakes? when we have made a lot of the same mistakes in our lives. It’s not about making mistakes, it’s about learning from them and growing. Takeomi Akashi is a symbol of growth in Tokyo Revengers. He may be wasted potential but at least he knows where he was wrong and has learned from his wild past. That’s all that matters.

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