Who had a crush on Denji

Who is Denji’s love interest?

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While Denji was very unlucky in love, he had quite a few encounters with girls that count. Come along and let’s see who had a crush on this handsome chainsaw protagonist.

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His first love interest was Makima, who was later revealed to be the Control Devil. While Denji always had a thing for her, Makima never once had any sort of feelings towards Denji. The thing about unrequited love is that you can’t stop loving that person even though you know they don’t love you back. The same goes for Denji. He loved her even though he knew Makima’s motives weren’t pure at all.

Who had a crush on Denji

Next up we have Reze. This time it’s a girl who has developed some feelings first. Reze seems like a sweet person who is very enthusiastic. But don’t be fooled. She was originally a Bomb Devil Hybrid on a mission to steal Chainsaw Man‘s heart but along the way has found some sort of affection for him.

Denji was also into her, but after finding out that she didn’t have pure motives either (plus he didn’t enjoy their date), Denji started feeling hesitant and has kept his distance ever since.

Who has a crush on Denji?

It has to be Reze, a nice and sweet girl who seemed to have developed a crush on Denji as soon as they met. She seemed pretty excited to have coffee with him at the cafe where she worked.

So to warp it up well, Denji, the powerful Chainsaw Man is a kind soul. He might be rough at the edges but love always finds its way. The lesson we learn from his story is that you have to be careful not to mistake manipulation for pure love. I believe our Chainsaw Man is still working on it.

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