All about Kazutora Hanemiya

All about Kazutora Hanemiya

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Kazutaro‘s life is a rollercoaster of events and emotions. I don’t even know where to start from. Well, if you’re new to the Tokyo Revengers I must say Kazutaro is a founding member of the Tokyo Manji Gang. He isn’t exactly the luckiest person on earth as he got sentenced to two years in juvenile detention after accidentally killing a guy called Shinichiro Sano.

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After getting out of detention Kazutaro still longed for some gang life, so he joined Valhalla and became the leader of the Anti-Toman Force. Did I mention this guy wasn’t lucky? He was sentenced to another ten years in a detention center after the Bloody Halloween. Yep, it’s like the universe was trying to test his patience. But there’s much more to him than his nonexistent luck. Let’s find out!

All about Kazutora Hanemiya personality

What’s Kazutora Hanemiya like?

First things first, appearance. Kazutora is 5’9 and quite bulky. I personally like his hair a lot. Kazutora’s hair is naturally black in a short wolf cut that frames his beautiful face. His hair has yellow streaks that match his gold eyes. Let’s not forget his tiger tattoo that starts from his neck and goes down to his chest. Now I don’t know about you but I’m a sucker for tattoos. Kazutora has a very small wardrobe and almost always wears his Valhalla uniform.

Kazutora as an adult is, well quite different. His hair is more black and longer, extending his shoulders with one strand of yellow hair framing his face. He looks more mature but for me, it’s a bit of a glow down. The usual teen Kazutora was smoking hot.

Now onto personality. Kazutora is a mix of characteristics that come with childhood trauma. Unfortunately, he didn’t have a childhood full of sunshine and bubblegum. He had to choose a parent at an early age due to domestic violence and no house ever truly felt like home to him. As a result, Kazutora was mentally unstable, sadistic, and very violent. He did seem well-mannered at first sight, but you could quickly see his other side if you had pissed him off slightly.


Him being a broken soul led to feeling very attached to the Tokyo Manji Gang and especially Mikey. Kazutora saw the gang as his family and therefore was ok with sacrificing his life to save Mikey’s. But his way of dealing with his trauma was denial and putting the blame on someone else, which is why he unintentionally started blaming Mikey for the death of Shinichiro Sano.

Kazutora was so out of his head, and far from reality. Everything had to make sense in his broken logic. For example, read this quote he once said: ” Did you know, Mikey? If you kill people, that makes you a bad guy. But… if you kill enemies… that makes you a hero!”. This was his mindset. He made this logic up so that he could kill Mikey for all the blame he himself put on him. It gives me chills how crazy and broken Kazutora was.

All about Kazutora Hanemiya appearance

But things change and people get the help they need. This is exactly what happened to Kazutora the second time he spent in detention. Kazutora became brighter. His emotions would still bother him but he had learned to manage them. He embraced adulthood like a close family member (Did you feel the irony too?). Kazutora as an adult regrets his actions in the past and is very loyal to Mikey in his head. So much so that in an alternate timeline, he was in shock when he realized that Tokyo Manji Gang was corrupted by Black Dragon money. Kazutora tried to fight them with all he had.

His abilities 

This dude is hella good at his job. You could imagine he would be considering his violent nature. Kazutora beat the hell out of Hansen, the leader of the Bloody Halloween. He gave Hansen two punches, one in the face and one in the gut. Hansen rolled on the floor, unable to stand back up. Everyone was shocked by Kazutora’s skills.

facts about Kazutora Hanemiya

So this was all you had to know about Kzutora Hanemiya. But quick before you go i wanna break down his name for you. So “Kazutora” is “kazu” (one) with “tora” which means tiger. Now you know why he has the tiger tattoo. You’re very welcome.

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