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If you are interested in knowing more about Wakuraba in Demon Slayer this is the perfect spot for you. Wakuraba, the lower moon three is a fun and complex character and I’m eager to open him up here. let’s go!

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Who is Wakuraba in Demon Slayer? 

Wakuraba was a member of the Twelve Kizuki, holding the position of the lower three. It must be said that he was indeed a minor villain in the Demon Slayer series.

Some might say he was not a big deal, but we’ll get to know him better. You ask why? Well because every soul is precious and everyone deserves a chance.

How Does Wakuraba Look?

Wakuraba was a simple man, yet striking in appearance. He had very pale grayish skin and ears that looked like elf ears. The significant part of his looks was the three large scars carved into his cheeks and the center of his forehead. His eyes were an open window to his soul. They were sharp and orange-colored.

Wakuraba also rocked a bamboo-colored yukata with a pinstripe pattern. He had a piece of cloth on his waist and one on his neck, complimenting his black sandals. The two golden earrings on each ear were the highlight of his look in my opinion.

Wakuraba in demonslayer

Wakuraba’s Personality

In Demon Slayer we encounter different personalities fitting perfectly together like pieces of a puzzle. Wakuraba adds another challenging layer to the series. He is insanely loyal to Muzan Kibutsuji who is the leader of the demons. But don’t be mistaken. He doesn’t obey Muzan just because he is a minion. He does it as a way to protect himself. When he saw Muzan executing his fellow lower ranks, Wakuraba chose to run away from Muzan in order to stay alive. This shows that his mind is not one-dimensional. Wakuraba thinks and puts the strategy in his decisions rather than just obeying a superior.

What is Wakuraba’s Ability?

Wakuraba as part of the Twelve Kizuki, precisely the lower three, owned many abilities and thanks to the larger amount of Muzan‘s blood in his veins Wakuraba had more abilities than a simple demon. He did see more potential in himself as he claimed he was able to go higher in rank. We find out from him that he was in the lower six at first and climbed his way up to the lower three.

Do you remember the larger quantity of Muzan‘s blood in his veins? Well, this is where it helped him. Wakuraba, thanks to Muzan possesses superior regenerative power in comparison to other demons. However, he doesn’t have regrowing powers because we see him die as Muzan destroys all his cells.

His next special ability is his speed. Wakuraba comes as an extremely fast character. Well fast enough to be able to escape the infinity castle and its gravity in seconds when he attempted to flee Muzan in order to escape death. He did cross a great distance, but he still was weaker than his master.

How strong is Wakuraba?

Strength in the Demon Slayer series goes beyond just physical power. It’s a perfect blend of intelligence, strategy, resilience, and physical aspects. Wakuraba being a part of the lower three was indeed very powerful, as he was in the lower moon three of the Twelve Kizuki. However, when compared to characters like Enmu or Rui, or the Demon Slayer crops’ finest members Wakuraba has not a lot to offer.


Wakuraba‘s story in The Demon Slayer is a rather short one, though impactful. He teaches us that a blend of strength, loyalty, and survival skills is needed for continuing to live rather than just being alive. Watching his journey I realized that in the world of Demon Slayer, even the mightiest and most skilled people can’t get away from the overwhelming power of their superiors. It’s like strength is relative and sometimes insufficient.

So whether you are a fan or just passing by, you should know that there’s always more to discover in the world of Demon Slayer. There are amazing characters with more amazing character developments that make your jaw touch the ground. I’m happy to show you more of these amazing personality reveals. Tune in for more!

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