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Everything about Beam from Chainsaw man!

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The shark fiend from Tokyo’s Special Division 4 is the Beam you’re looking for. He has experienced many hardships and is basically 10 levels higher in rank than others. You might recognize Beam from the International Assasain’s arc or the Bomb Girl arc. But wait there’s more!

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Beam’s vibe

Ok, imagine a 5’9 muscular body that has been very well-tanned and a shark snout covering half of his head. Beam is smoking hot there’s no doubt in that.  You immediately get drawn to his charisma and his fashion sense is not helping the situation either. Beam more often than not wears a swimming trunk, his six packs, and a massive torso on the show.

In his half-transformed Devil form, Beam’s head turns into a massive shark head with three pairs of eyes. When he transforms fully, his entire body looks like a shark with long fins that he uses as legs. Still hella handsome if you ask me.

Beam, the shark devil

But listen to this: Beam’s personality is just like his appearance. This dude is as wild as a shark and also very sharp. Beam is an extremely loyal friend to Denji who he believes is very helpful as the Chainsaw Devil. He would go to any extent to save Denji’s life. 

This guy also loves a good fight. He’s not shy to jump into a group of deadly zombies and kill each and every one. Although he was wary of Bomb at first, almost running away from her.

Beam’s journey

So we know by now what Beam’s full-time job is (He’s part of Tokyo Special Division 4 for my slow readers). Beam is like that character in Overwatch who you will choose to make sure everything goes smooth in the fight department. His role in the story goes beyond simple fighting and Beam even is skilled at healing his dear friends.

In the Katana Man arc Beam goes on a mission to invade Akane Sawatari‘s hideout with the rest of the Division 4 gang. He handles a group of zombies only being partially transformed and kills them like he’s drinking water. When Power has to be taken away for some time because she drank too much blood, Denji requests Beam to be by his side. You can imagine the look on Beam’s face, it was priceless. He was more than happy to do it, walking by Denji’s side and calling him the Chainsaw Lord.

In the Bomb Girl arc Beam is quick to protect Denji when Reze starts attacking him on their date. Poor Denji never got a good glimpse of love. Anyway, Beam throws a few attacks at Reze, recognizing she is the Bomb Girl Devil Hybrid by her smell, but the attacks don’t work as Reze throws bombs at them that start exploding. In an attempt they try to run away from her, seeking shelter in the Anti-Devil 2nd Division training center. Reze catches up to them and another battle starts. In this one, neither Beam nor Denji are able to defeat her. Denji is left with a broken neck and Beam, the ever so good friend goes to heal him.

What are Beam’s abilities?

First of all, having shark abilities is pretty dope on its own. Being able to transform into a shark and having the most fun at times of battle is a killer combo in Chainsaw Man’s world. It’s important to note that Beam is a fiend. Being a fiend won’t allow you to make contracts with Devils. He doesn’t need a rusty contract tho. He’s doing good on his own.

Physical Abilities

  • Enhanced Durability: Beam is extremely durable for a fiend. He was able to survive Bomb Girl‘s deadly explosions and still have the power to move and run away. He’s like a battery never running out of charge.

Beam from Chainsaw man

Devil Powers

  • Intangibility: This guy can swim his way through anything, even solid stuff. So he is able to swim through floors or walls with ease.
  • Devil Transformation: Beam can transform his head into a shark pretty fast. The shark can bite and eat any enemy. With his full transformation, Beam completely turns into a shark. Deadly creatures, am I right?

Beam also has a strong sense of smell. Can you guess why? (Hint: how do sharks find food?)


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