Best dark eren yeager

Best dark eren yeager pictures

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Hello everyone, here are some amazing “Dark Eren” pictures that you’re gonna surely love!

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dark yeager

Best dark eren yeager pictures

dark eren yeager pictures

dark eren yeager

Best dark eren yeager

Eren Yeager’s evolution into what fans often refer to as “Dark Eren” has been a fascinating journey for me. It plays an important part in the plot of Attack On Titan. Here I’ve arranged some important points in Eren’s path toward darkness:

  • Erens motivation behind revenge: His forcing sense of seeking revenge comes from his traumatic childhood. The tragic loss of his mother plays a role in the path he chooses later on. At first, his passion is endearing, but later on turns into something darker.
  • The Genocidal Rumbling Plan: It’s safe to say the craziest decision Eren has made is probably the rumbling plan. His controversial plan to kill all the people outside Paradis has made everyone wonder if he’s a hero or a villain.
  • The war between Marley and Eldia: This is a highlight of all these years of pent-up anger and resentment. History keeps being repeated and Eren transforms a lot while being a part of it.
  • Eren’s mysterious character: He always remains a mystery as his decisions are highly motivated by his hatred towards people who take his freedom away. Some fans believe he’s a true hero and some think of him as the villain. I believe he was indeed a villain but a villain with a back story, and a hero to his people.
  • Eren’s Character Evolution in Season 4: It’s like everything is paving the way for Eren to become the Eren of Season 4. He shifts from a young passionate warrior to a tired soul seeking revenge in any way possible.

It’s been quite a journey for me, following 4 seasons of Attack on Titan. Throughout the series, Eren’s transformation is the most interesting part. He tries to save humanity at first but soon realizes humanity is against him and his people, so he chooses the path to save his people (people of Paradis). This was the start of his path toward “Dark Eren“, which leaves everyone wondering if he’s the villain after all.

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