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A Deep Dive into the Bones Manhwa: Unearthing Vengeance

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I have recently gotten attracted to a lot of fantasy power manhwas. The Bones is a manhwa definitely worth reading. The story revolves around themes of darkness, revenge, and adventure. It easily became one of my favorites. The main character of the story is Ji Hyun. He is Wounded from the pains of the past. He has become rage-full and determined to seek revenge with all that he has.

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As I read through The Bones, I came to realization that it might seem like it’s just a revenge story, but it’s way more than that. It’s about the power of thinking, resilience, and getting out of the victim mindset. The story has a lot to teach. It’s fun and has a hell of a good art too. I assure you, you won’t regret it.

Ji Hyun goes through a journey of resentment and pain. He then has this beautiful transformation from a victim to an avenger, which taught me a lot about the outcomes of past traumas.

Even the title speaks facts and puts hints on Ji Hyun‘s character. Just like the bones in our body, Ji Hyun’s will and determination are a strong core of his personality that shapes him.

I highly recommend it if you’re looking for a new thing to read, or if you’re already a fan of dark fantasy actions. Bones has a good plot and crazy good art. I’m sure you’ll be satisfied.

Revenge in Bones

The heart and soul of Bones is Ji Hyun‘s quest for revenge. His mother’s tragic fate leaves an impact on him. It drives him to pursue the path of hunting after being a victim for so long. Bones does an excellent job of portraying Ji Hyun’s transformation.

  1. His Motivation: It’s deeply personal. Ji Hyun‘s bullies put his mother in a vegetative mode, unable to talk or move. Ji Hyun seeks revenge for his mother but gets beaten up and buried alive. He then becomes a beast and starts his hunt.
  2. Journey of Transformation: Ji Hyun faces many challenges on his path that either help him grow or teach him a lesson.
  3. The outcomes of revenge: As we all can guess, revenge is a double-edged sword. The manhwa amazingly portrays how Ji Hyun’s drive for justice, as fair as it might be, leads to many consequences for him and others.

bones manhwa

The Bones’ amazing art

Bones, as well as being a masterpiece in storytelling, is a great visual representation of the story it conveys.

While reading it, I felt the visuals create the atmosphere for this dark story to shine. The focus on shadows, the details of characters, and the fine choice of colors all are great examples of how to use art in manhwas. It adds so much emotion to everything that’s happening.

The amazing art of the manhwa followed by storytelling skills like the flashbacks or the pacings make Bones a standout in its genre.

picture of form in bones manhwa

Let’s wrap up

For me personally, Bones hit a deep part of my heart. Even though it was a fantasy, it portrayed a life so relatable to us. Revenge is the core of humanity. We’ve all faced the harsh injustices in our world and have wanted to seek revenge for those who did us wrong.

Bones is a reflection of the darkest and filthiest parts of human nature. I like exploring that, as we all are a bit scared to touch on our devils.

Over all this amazing story has taught me how to overcome the hardships of trauma, and how all of my actions even with good intentions might have consequences not to my liking. It was a great journey, I kinda feel like I need therapy now.


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