Does drakon die in tokyo revenger

Does draken die in tokyo revengers?

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Are you looking for the answer to Does Draken Die in Tokyo Revengers? This means that you are a fan of Japanese gangster thrillers, and I’m happy to welcome you to my review. To be honest, I’m not the biggest fan of this genre, but there’s just something so captivating about Tokyo Revengers, that drew me in from the very first episode. Now close your eyes and imagine a world where time travel is possible, and you find yourself caught in a web of criminals and gang battles, that’s roughly what this show is about.

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At the center of this story is a character who has charmed fans around the worldDraken or Ken Ryuguji. He is brave, and he loves a good fight. As you dive into his story you will find out that he is gentle, and caring for the ones he loves. I’m not someone who cries while watching a movie but I’ve found myself in tears watching Draken’s character arc. It’s one of the most emotional arcs you will ever come across.

From the busy streets of Tokyo to the dangerous alleyways that the Tokyo Manji Gang (Toman) rule in, Draken lives as a symbol of strength and brotherhood. The question “Does Draken die in Tokyo Revengers?” in my eyes is more than just a curiosity. It’s a question that goes to the bottom of what Tokyo Revengers is about.

Now Don’t be mistaken, Draken is not just a supporting character. He is an important part of Hanagaki Budo’s journey and an important figure in the Tokyo Manji Gang. Funnily enough, his dyed hair, calm presence, and tattoos suit the chaos that surrounds him, making him an iconic character. In Each episode, each chapter reveals different parts of his character and shows him being the moral compass for Mikey, an often impulsive and stubborn gang leader. Unlike Mikey, Draken is the more mature and logical of the two. You can feel his presence is needed in the series.

Tokyo Revengers brilliantly shows the rough lives of gangsters, the mindblowing travels in time, and the emotional depth of its characters. Draken quickly became a fan favorite for his cool presence and kind heart. His relationship with Takemichi, who is the series’ protagonist, is not just a friendship in my eyes; it’s a brotherly love that is very hard to find nowadays.

In the next section, we will explore twists of Draken’s fate and the outcome of his journey. We’ll also dive into Takemichi’s desperate efforts to change the fate of his friends, and the reactions of fans to Draken’s story arc, and end everything with a look at the lasting impact this character has had on Tokyo Revengers and its viewers. You might wanna tune it for that.

Draken’s Fate or should I say misery

Draken’s destiny in Tokyo Revengers is a never-ending game of shadow and light, with death hovering over him like a persistent ghost. The whole series does a great job of tying Draken’s destiny to the main story arc, especially through Takemichi’s time leaps. With each jump in time, a piece of the puzzle is solved, revealing the dangerous path Draken is on.

Life and death in this series is all about the decisions and the outcome of actions over time, which is undoubtedly Tokyo revengers’ theme. Draken tends to be constantly on the verge of dying, and boy does each incident leave a mark on him and his fans.


what really happens to Draken

Folks, I hate to be that person but unfortunately, I have to bring to you the fact that Draken does actually die in the end. I know, not what you wanted to hear, and it’s not what I wanted to watch at all.

Draken is dead in every possible future from the very beginning. In every future he is dead, except in Bonten which is the so-called “happy ending”, but even in Bonten, he is not happy. It’s as if he was meant to die in the story. At first, I felt angry that he was killed so easily by a random enemy, but then it hit me that sometimes things just happen. His death was not extraordinary but that’s the point, that’s how reality works.

Draken’s death, which happens at the end of the series at the hands of the rival gang Rokuhara Tandai, is not for nothing as he died to save his friend Takemitchi

Everything just shows that Takemitchi’s messing with the past doesn’t go without some big consequences.

His death leaves an empty space in the Tokyo Manji Gang. It also acts as a motivation factor for Mikey, whose personality changes a lot after this loss.

From a narrative perspective, Draken’s death is a masterpiece, period. From my perspective, the series has evolved from a simple story about crime to a more beautiful tale of things like the possibility of death, the outcomes of our actions, and how fragile human relationships are, making Tokyo Revengers a remarkable series in its genre.


What did Takemichi do?

In Tokyo Revengers what hurts me the most is indeed Takemichi’s efforts to save Draken.

It might seem like it’s just a series of leaps in time, but Takemichi does all of that because of friendship and responsibility. It’s safe to say Takemichi is a true friend we all need in life.

I present to you Draken’s philosophy, as the hero said himself: “You don’t have to bow your head, just have a heart that cares for others“. this has made a huge difference in Takemitchis’s mission and the way he decides to live the rest of his life.

After his death

Even after Draken’s death, his legacy continues to influence the series. He is remembered not only as a feared gang member, but also as a symbol of strength, loyalty, and the beauty of youth.

His death also had a huge impact on Mikey, we watch him become worse than ever before, completely drowned in dark actions, killing South and almost even killing Takemitchi.

Fan Reactions and Theories

The reveal of Draken’s fate in Tokyo Revengers absolutely shocked the fanbase and sparked many reactions and different theories. As a loyal follower of the series and as someone who joins fan discussions, I’ve watched firsthand the passionate responses that Draken’s story has generated. These reactions are proof of the show’s ability to captivate viewers on a deep emotional level.

Fan reactions to Draken’s death went from not believing the sudden death and sadness to understanding that it was supposed to happen one way or another.

One popular theory discussed the possibility of a different timeline in which Draken survived. Another common theory centers around the series’ time travel, fans were wondering about the rules and limits of Takemichi’s powers and how those powers could have been used differently to save Draken.

some fans complain about how Takemichi ruins the Best Future (Bonten), but I really think that it was for the best in the end, for Draken is not happy at all in Bonten. At least now he gets to be with Emma, that’s the only thing I’m happy about.

A personal conclusion?

As I watched the scenes of Draken dying, keeping tissues somewhere near so I could reach them, I realized that every decision in life works like a piece of domino and gets to an outcome we might have not imagined. Draken was my favorite character in the series. He was crazy and brave and caring ( him being 6’1 also helped ). He didn’t deserve this ending but that’s life. I think we all agree that sometimes good people have to leave us to remind us of what we have, and how precious breathing is. It will either make or break us, both are a wake-up call.

On the last note, I must say Oh dear lord, how I wish I could erase my memory and experience the whole journey again


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