Does Makima love Denji

Does Makima love Denji?

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Makima and Denji. It’s time to spill some tea about them. I should tell you beforehand that if you’re looking for a lovey-dovey simple relationship this might not be your cup of tea, because Makima and Denji’s relationship is nothing but complicated. But if you’re interested in toxic stuff, let’s begin!

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Does Makima love Denji? 

Ok here’s the thing, Makima is not for beginners. She is a mastermind always planning and doing things with different motives. Makima is manipulative. Her intentions are always in a cloud of ambiguity and her feelings don’t seem sincere at all. Denji on the other hand is quite innocent. No one had ever shown him love and affection as Makima did, so he fell fast and hard for her. But, does Makima love him too?

The answer might break your heart but it has to be said. She doesn’t. I’m not even sure she knows how to love right? Makima is a control freak (Hence being a Control Devil) and has to have Denji under her control in order to achieve her goal. So what better way than seducing him right? Exactly. She sees Denji as a tool at best, a ladder she can climb.

She is only obsessed with his powers and the Devil inside him so she showers him with affection to have him wrapped around her fingers. Denji acts just as she expected. He quickly became her pet, doing anything and everything just to seek her validation. Therefore Makima persuades him to join her team and work for her goals.

Does Makima love Denji

So Makima doesn’t love Denji at all in The Chainsaw Man. Everyone should let that sink in. Her intentions were never pure from the beginning. Denji on the other hand is head over heels for her, and he still loves her even after finding out about her intentions. I believe it’s because he still has the first impression of Makima in his mind, the kind and sweet girl who loves him. Or maybe he still loves her because even though the whole thing was fake, it was still the most love anyone had shown him. Bless his pure heart. He deserves a kind and sincere love from the right person. Makima was never the right match for him, just a toxic friend.

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