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The ultimate explanation of Eren’s journey in AOT Season 4

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Are you a curious watcher who wants to know Eren Yeager‘s journey in Attack On Titan? Well, here’s my take on his journey.

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As a passionate fan of Attack On Titan, I’ve been obsessed with Eren‘s journey from the very beginning to the end. He is a symbol of resistance and revenge. In season 4 of AOT Eren changes paths and becomes something he once swore to destroy. His journey starts with Eren being an innocent and hopeful child and comes to an end with him becoming a revengeful vulgar villain.

In this season, I will be the observer of Eren‘s experiences – the losses, traumas, and tragic realizations of the world of Titans. His experiences lead to a huge shift in his ideology. He goes against his beliefs and does things beyond villain-hero cliches. furthermore, I’ll be revealing his back story, motivations, and the impact his journey had on fans around the world. Tune in to find out!

Eren’s evolution: Scout or Avenger?

The series goes deep on Eren‘s transformation from a hopeful warrior in the survey corps to a dark avenger. In the early seasons, Eren seems to be just an innocent soul who has been traumatized deeply by a titan killing and eating his mother. Later he swears to get revenge. After becoming a scout he faces many challenges and all these hardships turn him into a man. In season 4 so many things about his past are revealed that he didn’t know himself. His father had given him the attack titan soon after his mother got killed. That’s why he could transfer into a Titan. He experiences the world beyond the walls and realizes that people from Marley see Eldians as their enemies. This leads to a drastic change in his perspective as he finds out that maybe Titans aren’t the real problem. The real problem is the humans, racist ones to be exact.

The ultimate explanation of Eren's journey in AOT Season 4

Eren‘s personality changes a lot. He goes from a repulsive hopeful kid to a strategist at its finest. He takes the lead in season 4 and reveals his plan of destroying the world. He decided this was the only way he could put an end to this hell. This shift in Eren’s character leaves the fans thinking, and questioning the costs of freedom and justice. It has some kind of a haunting allure that keeps people hooked.

Eren's journey in AOT

How the losses affected him?

The impact of losses on Eren has profoundly changed his path in life. The first trauma is his mother’s death, next in season 4 is The Marley Arc. In the Marley arc, he realizes the other side of this battle. Eren finds out about the hatred that The Marleyans have towards Eldians. He realizes that Titans, who were the long-lasting enemies no longer are the crucial reason for this battle.

The traumas around season 4, him realizing his attack titan abilities to see the past and the future, all play an important role in him becoming the so-called villain that he is.

eren and levi in AOT

His relationships

Eren’s relationships especially with Mikasa and Armin play a pivotal role in shaping his ideology. These people who were once his best friends later on question his actions and are worried about his well-being. More important than that he couldn’t share his plan with his friends just because no one would’ve let him do all this psychotic stuff if they knew, so he had to keep this dark secret with him. Keeping this dark secret made him lonelier than ever before.

The ultimate explanation of Erens journey

Key Plot Twists in the season

Some key plots turn season 4 into a huge cliffhanger. First, we have the Marleyan arc in which Eren finds out about the world beyond the walls. But this world is not the one he hoped it to be. The Marleyans shared a hatred for the people of Eldia. This raged a fury inside Eren. Next, we have the Rumbling. Eren’s decision to start the Rumbling has been a pivotal point in AOT. This decision meant he was going to sacrifice the lives of so many people for the greater good. It just shows how determined Eren was to seek freedom and the things he was willing to do for it.

Eren manipulating Ymir, the founding titan, and also his death are two other key points to the series. Eren dies at the hands of Mikasa, someone he deeply cared for. As I watched the scene I realized he didn’t even open his eyes since the start of Rumbling, but at the end, once Mikasa reaches him to chop his head off Eren opens his eyes. I believe he wanted to see her one more time, and let her face be the last thing he sees before dying.

What do fans think?

To be honest, there’s a big fight between AOT fans all around the world. Some think of Eren as an evil who was necessary, for he fought for his people and tried to help them in his own way.

Other fans believe he is just a plain villain. There’s no sugarcoating it. He decided to choose the path of being a serial killer. I’m curious to know what you think about it.

The End of Eren’s Path

The end of Eren‘s path is tied to his tragic death, leaving behind a sense of relief and heartache. His final moment is like a reflection of all the things that have happened to him. For me the most beautiful part was Eren in the paths, talking to each of the members he deeply cared about, including Mikasa and Armin.

Watching Eren‘s journey I realized there’s a fine line between heroism and villainy. He crossed this line multiple times and did everything he could to fight for his ideology. I respect him, but more than that I feel a certain heartache whenever I think about him. I think he needed a hug, for he was so lonely.

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