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Everything about Akane Inui

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I first met Akane Inui in episode 45 of Tokyo Revengers. She was an average-height girl with sunflower blonde hair and big gentle eyes. I remember thinking she had this amazing ability to talk with her eyes. Her presence in the series brings a sense of both strength and vulnerability. Even though Akane doesn’t have a very important role (I wish she had), her encounters with important roles like Kokonoi and Seishu and the impact she has left on them are extremely beautiful.

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But beautiful things often come with a tragic loss. In this story loss is a keyword, as well as kindness and resilience. each aspect plays an important role in understanding her in the Tokyo Revengers series.

Come with me to understand the world of Akane Inui better. Let’s start.

Akane Inui's appearance

How does Akane look?

Akane Inui shares a sunflower blond hair with his brother, Sheisu Inui. Her style in my opinion is a mix of simple and charming. You’ll see her wear a school uniform most of the time, which consists of a checkered skirt, a button-down white shirt followed by a sweater vest, and a bow that matches her skirt. This appearance quickly became her own and just shows her youth and purity. As I’ve watched the series I’ve noticed her smile to be a big deal for me. Akane’s constant smiley face radiates warmth and gentleness. I think these are all traits we lacked in Tokyo Revengers and needed to see.

Her personality 

Akane Inui is a breath of fresh air in Tokyo Revengers, for she is warm, gentle, and approachable, unlike normal Tokyo Revengers characters who are dark and violent. She gives kindness to others as if it’s a piece of candy she has found in her back pocket. On top of all of that, Akane is an introvert. She likes her quiet moments and is extremely smart. I’ve noticed a lot of trips to the library which is because she loves reading and learning new things.

Akane seems to also be a loving sister to his brother Sheisu Inui, or as we like to call Inupi. She is involved in his life and his well-being, and she is also a great supporter of his actions. This close bond reflects her personality and adds detail to it in the series.

We also see another guy Akane is pretty close to. He is no other than Kokonoi, who had a secret crush on her. With her interactions with Koko, we can see another part of her personality. We get to see her straightforwardness, as she’s not scared to voice her opinions and tell the people around her what she feels. I think that’s my favorite characteristic of her.

A brief history of her life

Akane’s past and the things that happened to her are important in understanding her on a deeper level. Firstly, she is the firstborn of the Inui family, leaving in her the responsibilities that come with being a firstborn. Akane and Sheisu had a mutual love for each other, something that happens rarely nowadays between siblings.

Then there’s Akane’s connection with her childhood friend Hajime Kokonoi. Their friendship was one of the cutest things I witnessed in Tokyo Revengers and loved every bit of it. Of course, I have to let you know that it was something more than a friendship for Koko, as he later found himself in love with her. Koko did attempt to kiss her once, which she rejected and told him that he should only kiss the person he truly liked. This led to Koko confessing his love for her, but Akane pointed out the 5-year age gap between them and proceeded to reject him. In the end, she did take his romantic feelings into consideration which is a start, isn’t it? Later he promised to protect her no matter what and dropped her off at her house.

A turning point in Akane’s story is the tragic fire incident that completely changes her and her family’s path. This incident happened on the same day Koko confessed. It happened when she and her brother Sheisu were both home. Koko, sheisus‘s best friend was a savior, but he initially went to save Akane and by mistake saved Sheisu first. This resulted in Akane being severely injured (Multiple third-degree burns) and in need of medical attention.

All of this not only shows how fragile life is but leaves a big impact on Koko and Sheisu’s lives. Akane needed medical treatment but her family struggled a bit with money. Koko, being the best friend that he is, tries to do anything to earn the money needed for the hospital. He arranged a group of underground thieves to earn money by covering the crimes of rich people. A little after he started the group Akane passed away. We all know the pain of almost reaching something, it’s so sad and annoying…

My version of conclusion?

In conclusion, Akane Inui’s character in Tokyo Revengers is something to think about. I’ve seen so many people come and go in the series, but Akane’s tragic story holds you down and demands you to be emotionally attached to it. Akane was shown briefly in Tokyo Revengers. She wasn’t the main character or anywhere near it. Still, she touched the lives of Sheisu and Koko so gracefully. To be honest I don’t think she wanted anything more than that, for she was happy with her brother and best friend. Her story teaches us that we don’t need to have the biggest circle of friends or a mansion or an extraordinary life to be happy and impactful. Happiness lies in simplicity and small things.

I’m curious to know how you interpret Akane Inui’s story. More than that, I hope this article has been useful for you. Until the next one, sayonara.

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