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If we are gonna talk about Goblin Slayer, one of the names that comes up as a main character is Lizard Priest. Lizard Priest is a 6’4 Lizardman Adventurer who is an important member of Goblin Slayer’s party. His looks are anything but ordinary. He has green skin and a pair of horns sculpted on his forehead. Along with white tribal tattoos on his cheeks and garb as clothes Lizard Priest’s style screams traditional.

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Now let’s talk personality. Lizard Priest in one word is respectful. He carries a calm and collected persona and talks kindly to others, cares about nature deeply due to his beliefs. Lizard Priest is also a sucker for cheese, which he has recently discovered. I mean I can’t imagine a world without cheese so I get his excitement after finding out about it!

What are Lizard Priest’s skills?

Lizard Priest, I believe is “the jack of all trades but the master of none”. He is a combo of Priest and Fighter. It means he can magic as well as weapons to fight battles, but the thing is, he hasn’t mastered any of his skills. Listen to this, he’s a qualified fighter but he doesn’t have any ranged attacks. He is a healer but he cannot have a direct breath of healing like a professional Priest. As for weapons he just uses the bone swords. I think he would’ve been a legend if he had focused on one matter instead of nibbling on everything but not mastering one.

Strength: While in the Water Town, he helped the Priestess and Goblin Slayer to push a large stone in order to block the door and leave Goblins on the other side of it. Our Lizard Priest is very strong. When it comes to physiques, or using Partial Dragon he is the best.

Poison Resistance: Most toxic vapors don’t affect this guy. We find this out in Water Town when his party was trapped and everyone was struggling.

Melee Combat: Lizard Priest is an ace at killing Goblins with ease.

Our Lizard Priest has also another trick up his sleeves. He’s ambidextrous, with no dominant hand or should I say two dominant hands? It’s like he wants to have it all.


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Your questions about Lizard Priest

Can Lizard Priest talk to animals?

He’s no zoo linguist, but he cares about nature so much that it’s like he almost understands animals. Also, Lizard Priest has a telepathy skill he uses on his party. This may extend to animals too.

Is Lizard Priest scared of anything?

He might be one of the calmest people in the world, but I’m sure he has his own fears too. We still haven’t discovered Lizard Priest’s fear due to his courage and fearlessness coming over him in moments of danger.

How strong is the Lizard Priest in Goblin Slayer?

His combat skills are top-tier indeed. He is a healer, a warrior, a tank, and a spell castor at the same time. Lizard Priest’s most powerful ability is the dragon tooth warrior which he can use as many times as he wants. He is one of the strongest in the Goblin Slayer party.

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