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Everything about Colossal Eren: Eren’s final Titan form

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Eren‘s Colossal Titan form in Attack Of Titan is definitely a scene to watch. Between the chaos of the last episodes, we watch as a chilling Colossal Titan appears almost out of nowhere and starts the rumbling. Eren turning into a Colossal Titan as big as The Founding Titan shows how huge his determination to reach his goal is. he once vowed to erase all titans and he stuck to it til the end.

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In this article, I’ll be exploring Eren‘s Colossal Titan form, his impact on The Attack On Titan, and the symbolism behind it.

Eren Yeager’s Journey to Colossal Titan 

Initially, it was all a game of revenge as Eren experienced the tragic loss of his mother at a young age, realizing that Titans are a huge unnecessary threat to humans and that he should be the one to erase them from the face of the earth. His journey was a rather rough one. After joining the scout regiment he found out that his father had given him the Attack Titan meaning he could turn into a titan himself. This realization confused him, as he realized he might be the enemy he had vowed to fight. But we all know Eren and his passion for freedom. He didn’t care about himself as long as he could fight titans in his titan form.

Later the betrayals of Reiner and Bertholdt revealing them to be the Armored and Colossal Titans left a significant impact on him. This alongside the urge for freedom and justice led him to a path of no return.

Eren‘s journey comes to an end in the form of The Founding Titan which is as big as Armin‘s Colossal Titan. It completes his wishes and is big enough to win against any group of skilled humans even any titan. His colossal form is big enough to hold all of his anger, his frustration, and his fury. He finally gets to be freed from the cage of his mind and the destiny that was written down for him from the start. Eren’s Founding Titan’s form ends the cycle of hatred people held all these years towards each other.

How different is Eren as a Colossal Titan? 

Eren‘s final titan form is a chilling one might I say. It’s more than just a physical form, his titan symbolizes the emotional burdens he had been bearing, the final step of his path of revenge-seeking, and his sacrifice to save his people.

  • Physical form: Eren‘s colossal titan aka doomsday titan is surely huge and terrifying. With him towering over wall titans, his huge ribs touch the ground as the arch of his spine reaches the sky. His head is the only part of his body that has some flesh, although still not a lot of flesh.
  • Mental state: His transformation also shifts his mental state greatly. He loses all attachments to his human side, something he once held dear to him. Eren in his colossal titan form is a decision with no return.
  • Abilities: This titan can cause massive destruction to anything and everything, for its size makes it able. I believe Eren was extremely satisfied with it as all of his former titans although powerful were limited.

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What do fans think?

I watched as The Colossal Titans’ appearance sparked so much excitement as well as fear in the Attack On Titan fandom. We all know how creative and intelligent this fandom is, and I take great pride in being a part of it. Let’s hear some theories.

Fan Theories about Colossal Eren

  1. Time loop theory: A lot of fans believe the events of Attack On Titan are cyclical and repeated. Eren had been trying to break this cycle from the start.
  2. The greater cause: What I believe is this. All Eren was trying to do from the first moment he saw the future, was doing the most evil thing (as some may think it is) for a greater good. He did it because he had already seen the future. there was no way of escaping it, but he could save his people and make his friends heroes by doing the rumbling. That was the only thing he could choose.

Fan reactions

The last chapter of Attack On Titan brought out a mix of sadness and closure for fans. They already knew there was no happy ending, but watching it is another matter. It’s like being punched in the face by your dear pet.

some fans felt proud of the boldness of his narrative. some were disappointed by his decisions and the path he chose which led him into darkness and eventually made him a villain instead of the hero everyone was expecting him to be.

Colossal Eren in Anime vs. Manga 

The Colossal Eren in Anime and Manga comes a little differently. Allow me to elaborate.

Eren‘s feared presence as a Colossal Titan can’t be fully understood within the black-and-white illustrations of the manga, although it is enough to captivate the manga readers. The Anime on the other hand brings The Colossal Titan to life. With all the sound effects and beautiful voice acting, Anime watchers couldn’t even blink while watching the scenes.


Eren‘s journey has a lot of ups and downs. He starts as a passionate and hopeful warrior and turns into a dark careless devil. Everything about his story is heartwrenching to me. He longs for freedom yet his life had been written for him from the start. He had no choice but to accept his fate. That just goes to show that sometimes you can’t win the fight but you can put as much effort as you can for your own satisfaction. It’s better than doing nothing at all.

Eren‘s Colossal Titan is a symbol of lost attempts, it is a symbol of failure in every other way possible. Eren had to do what he did in my eyes, become a villain to save his people and make his friends heroes. I’ve learned that even villains of the story can be kind people to the ones they care about.

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