Goblin Slayer face reveal!!

Goblin Slayer face reveal!!

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Ladies and gentlemen, today’s topic is the almighty and feared Goblin Slayer himself. Finally, the day has come. Goblin Slayer is the series’ main character and an adventurer who takes hunting Goblins way too seriously. There’s only one thing more mysterious than his character, and that is his face, for he never showed it until now.

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To be honest with you I had always thought of him to be as pale as a vampire because he never got out of his helmet, but I was surprised. Should we get into it?

Goblin Slayer face

Who Is The man beneath the helmet?

This man is a professional when it comes to slaying Goblins, but he lacks skill in social life, often not realizing people’s affection towards him or not knowing what to say or do at a gathering. This 5’9 masked guy is the mysterious introvert we all secretly have a thing for.

The Goblin Slayer lives with his childhood friend, the Cow Girl, and spends most of his time examining Goblins or hunting them. You wanna know why? It’s not a complicated answer. He hunts Goblins because of his horrifying past, witnessing the Goblins raiding his village and killing everyone, including his elder sister. It’s not a scene to watch am I right? So that became his motive and the main reason why he hates Goblins.

If we put all that anticipation aside, the series likes to tease us with a brief glance at the Goblin Slayer‘s face. I mean the Priestess gets to see it. Rumors of how he looks get around. People talk about him having scarlet eyes and light silver hair, his face decorated with battle scars but no one gets to see his real face.

When does the Goblin Slayer show his face?

It might honestly just be a moment of adrenaline rush, which happens in episode 12, chapter 15 of the manga for our dear manga readers. Imagine this:  A big after-party for their great victory against the Goblin Lord. Everyone’s happy and buzzing. Who is the happiest even though he might not show it? Who hates the Goblins’ guts? Yes, you are right, the one and only Goblin Slayer. So when the Priestess asks him to take off his helmet, The Goblin Slayer doesn’t say no.

As he gently takes off the rusty helmet, you get a glimpse of his handsome face. His hair moved lightly with the wind and his wine-red eyes glowing. It’s safe to say everyone’s jaw was on the floor. They had expected a handsome man underneath the helmet but, it was beyond anyone’s imagination. Maybe the anticipation made the moment sweeter I don’t know. What I do know is that I was swooning over him just like others.

Why is Goblin Slayer’s Face Never Shown?

The reason why the Goblin Slayer always wears his helmet is in fact a lot more simple than you might think. Firstly, he wants to always be on the go, hunting Goblins wherever he is. The helmet has become part of his identity as a Goblin Slayer so it has become almost impossible for him to fight Goblins without it. It’s like surgeons going to the operating room without their lucky scrub caps. Secondly, he wears a helmet to protect himself from unexpected things like rocks hitting his head, or from Goblins knocking his head off.

Despite the helmet being something more than just armor for him, The Goblin Slayer not showing his face adds a layer of mystique to the show. I can say from experience that I was always on the hunt to even get a glimpse of his face. Sure the world of adventurers is a dangerous one and wearing a helmet is a necessity, but it also makes the Goblin Slayer more mysterious and alluring.

goblin slayer without helmet

Let’s answer some of your questions!

Is Goblin Slayer good-looking?

YES! The expectations were high and let me tell you the Goblin Slayer doesn’t disappoint. Based on his face revealed in episode 12 and people instantly falling in love with him we are sure that this handsome hunter is swoon-worthy, with his scarlet eyes and light gray hair, and face full of scars that tell the story of his past.

Do We Ever See Goblin Slayer’s Face?

The answer is yes, we do see his face after all that anticipation. The Goblin Slayer‘s face is revealed after a huge triumph. It’s almost like having your favorite dessert after a hard day. 


goblin slayer real face

Why Does Goblin Slayer Always Wear a Helmet?

It’s an indicator of a man on a mission, like Batman wearing his cape. Other than that his helmet is an important piece of equipment for protecting him against Goblins or any kind of object hitting his head. I believe the helmet helps him to always be alert and kill any Goblin that comes his way. Hunting down all Goblins is his sole purpose in life after all, which also adds to the allure.

unmasked goblin slayer

What Chapter Does Goblin Slayer Reveal His Face?

The moment we were all waiting for comes in chapter 15 of the manga, episode 12 of the series. The helmet comes off after a big celebration of winning a battle against Goblins. The priestess makes a light request for the helmet to come off and the Goblin Slayer doesn’t budge, but I mean who could say no to her? Who knew underneath that helmet lay a good-looking legend, with firey eyes and a cold stare that weakens your knees?

That’s it for the grand face reveal of the Goblin Slayer. Feel free to drop a comment below and tell me how did you expect his face to be like!

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