Hinaki Ubuyashiki, The one you overlooked!

Hinaki Ubuyashiki, The child of Anime Royalty!

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Hinaki Ubuyashiki is Kagaya Ubuyashiki‘s eldest daughter. What a character at 8 years old huh? She’s extremely emotionally mature for her age, very quiet although very kind, and exceptionally loyal. What else would you want?

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Hinaki’s story is rather short yet impactful. She was the snow white of the Kimetsu no Yaiba‘s world, so pale you might confuse her for Wednesday from the Addams Family. Her eyes were a remarkable shade of purple, her hair white as snow and she absolutely rocked a bob haircut. It’s not easy to look good in a bob hair am I right? Our cute Hinaki would look good in anything.

Hinaki Ubuyashiki

Let’s talk fashion now. Hinaki loves her blue Homingi Kimono, the one that has purple flowers drawn all over it. She always wears it with a maroon Obi and a pastel pink Obiage, looking identical (well duh!) to her twin Nichika.

Hinaki was almost too mature for her own good. She was extremely loyal to his father whom she loved to death. Pun intended, literally to death. She had the kind of personality that was rare among eight-year-olds. That’s why her story became a mix of sweet and sour.

What happens to Hinaki Ubuyashiki?

I should inform you, that if you don’t already know, Hinaki died alongside his father in an explosion planned by him at the Ubuyashiki Mansion. A plan to trap Muzan, the villain of all villains.

There’s a part that I can’t quite wrap my head around it. Why did her father, Kagaya let her die in the explosion? She was too innocent for those filthy games. From what I’ve found in my research about this matter, your favorite author to her own question is that maybe Kagaya sacrificed his children to lower Muzan’s guard. Muzan would’ve been suspicious that it was a trap and maybe the whole plan would’ve backfired if only Kagaya were to die. I believe he would never let his children die if he didn’t think it was necessary, It is still tragic…

Hinaki Ubuyashiki look

In the end + some facts about Hinaki Ubuyashiki

For me personally watching Wallflowers and side characters is a lot more fun than Maine heroes, for these characters bring a new kind of depth to the story. Hinaki didn’t appear much in the series but I think of her every time a topic about loyalty and sacrifice comes up. Hinaki was gentle and selfless, at the age of 8. The age in which children fight over favorite toys and throw tantrums for chocolate chip ice cream. It’s mindblowing how much of a hero she is without even knowing it.


  • Hinaki comes short in the superhuman ability department, but she is dubbed ‘clever’ in Kimetsu Academy. This means she is indeed the most intelligent member of the Kamado Family.
  • Hinaki debuts in chapter 28 of the Manga and episode 15 of the Anime.
  • Not much is known about her except that she was the smartest Ubuyashiki and a loyal and devoted daughter of Kagaya
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