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Let’s know Sakonji Urokodaki, the beloved mentor.

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Sakonji Urokodaki, what a character! Sakonji is the retired member of the Demon Slayer Corps. He’s the old guy who has seen it all and can tell you a trillion stories about demon slaying. He used to be a Water Hashira and a really damn good one to be exact. So it’s easy for you to guess that Sakonji is the boss of water-breathing style. He has trained many top tier demon slayers such as Giyu Tomoika, Makomo, Sabito and the one and only Tanjiro.

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Now let’s talk about his appearance. Sakonji is pretty damn tall and rocks a silver-colored hair, somewhat like a clean buzz cut. The catch is that no one, not a single soul has seen his face, for he wears a tengu mask all of the time. Although Tanjiro through a Taisho Secret states Sakonji has a very gentle and calm face. Personally, I’ve always imagined him to be like Patrick Dempsey (my lovely Gray’s Anatomy fans know what I’m saying).

Going from his face to his style, I should note that he looks dashing in a cloud-patterned Jinbei Kimono alongside navy pants that are connected to his white Kyahan guards. Sakonji, as classy as he is, is a sandal type of guy, similar to Tanjiro. When he was young he used to put his black hair into a topknot. I’m assuming you have a mental vision of how he looks by now. that’s all I’m trying to do. Over all Sakonji is like the super cool grandpa who has done everything in his youth and can tell you stories of battles and swords. what a guy huh?

What’s Urokodaki’s personality like?

Honestly, I could write a book about him. This guy is solid, disciplined, and down to earth. Sakonji is like a kind coach who knows all the tricks and is more than able to pass them on to his students. “Beware of an old man in a profession, where men usually die young”. This line says all you need to know about Sakonji’s power.

First of all, he’s not shy to criticize anyone. When Sakonji met Tanjiro he straight up told Tanjiro all his shortcomings and mistakes. Sakonji was like “Man up and start learning, I’m not gonna sugarcoat anything for ya”. Training with him is like training at an old-style army hang. Imagine a hundred push-ups by the water while someone is lying on your back, and your instructor is yelling at you at at the same time. Yep, that’s Sakonji for ya. He doesn’t take any nonsense. But like any skilled instructor, Sakonji was so proud of the demon slayer Tanjiro had become. His soft side came out as he realized the kid had been raised right. Tanjiro was in good hands.

Despite all that tough exterior, Sakonji is haunted by the experience of losing his students to demons, especially the hand demon. He warned Tanjiro about the risks and dangers of fighting with the hand demon and had no hope of Tanjiro coming out alive. Sakonji then was taken aback by Tanjiro’s success at killing the hand demon. He hugged him tightly and it was like his old trauma from the past had healed.

That’s Sakonji Urokodaki in a nutshell for you. A man who believes in his students, goes out of his way to help people. Especially in Nezuko‘s case, he believed she could bear her hunger for eating humans and instead kill demons. He is a grumpy hero with a traumatic past.

Sakonji Urokodaki wrath

An adventure with Sakonji 

Everything starts with Giyu Tomoika. He sends him a letter asking Sakonji to train Tanjiro and his sister. Sakonji loved a good challenge, so of course, he accepted. When Sakonji spots Tanjiro trying to kill a demon with a knife he scolds him and tells him “That’s not how you kill a demon buddy”. Later after Sakonji sees Tanjiro‘s fight he thinks to himself that Tanjiro is not suitable for the demon-slaying career at all, for he still has a bit of kindness left to him for even the most vicious animals. But that’s like saying he can’t be a driver because he had never learned where the gas pedal is. 

Tanjiro doesn’t take no for an answer and is determined to be trained so Sakonji then asks him “What would you do if one day your sister started killing and eating humans?”. Sakonji shakes his head and slaps Tanjiro when he notices Tanjiro is in two minds about answering. Sakonji decides Tanjiro lacks the determination and courage to be a demon slayer. He tells Tanjiro that he shouldn’t let anyone harm humans even if that person was his sister. After Tanjiro insists Sakonji decides to put it to test and instructs Tanjiro to come with him. He then tells the poor young brother the test starts now and he should hike a mountain. When Tanjiro‘s almost at the top Sakonji informs him that he should be by his house door before dawn. Then Sakonji disappears into thin air and leaves Tanjiro alone, having given him an almost impossible-to-do task.

Sakonji goes home and puts a blanket on Nezuko. At the same time, the doorbell rings, and Sakonji finds the exhausted out of breath Tanjiro at the doorstep. He passed the test.

 What are Sakonji’s Abilities?

Sakonji Urokodaki, the former Water Hashira, is no joke when it comes to abilities. The guy’s like a ninja mixed with a wise sage – a seriously impressive combo.

Let’s start with his overall abilities. This dude was one of the top dogs in the Demon Slayer Corps, and for good reason. He caught the Hand Demon all by himself! That’s like catching a shark with a fishing pole. His skills in Water Breathing are top-notch, and he’s trained a whole bunch of students, including our boy Tanjiro. Even in his old age, he’s still got it. Tanjiro, who’s young and fit, could barely keep up with him. Imagine trying to race your grandpa, and he just zooms past you – that’s Sakonji for you.

Then there’s his enhanced stealth. This guy moves like a ghost. Tanjiro tried following him and barely heard a thing. It’s like trying to track a shadow.

Now, onto his physical abilities. Sakonji‘s got speed like a cheetah. When he faced the Hand Demon, he was zipping around like it was nothing. Picture this: The demon’s all big and bad, and Sakonji’s just dancing around him, slicing and dicing. It’s like watching a martial arts movie in fast-forward.

And don’t get me started on his supernatural abilities. Sakonji‘s got a nose like a bloodhound. He can smell emotions, which is pretty wild. It’s like walking into a room and being able to sniff out who’s happy, sad, or just ate garlic bread. He even tells Tanjiro that with enough training, he can smell how many people a demon has eaten. That’s some next-level detective work.

So, there you have it – Sakonji Urokodaki, the stealthy, speedy, smell-sensitive sage. He’s like the Swiss Army knife of demon slayers – got a tool for every situation.

Sakonji Urokodaki is cutting a tree.

Questions you might have about Sakonji Urokodaki

My dear friends, it’s time for some Sakonji Urokodaki gossip! Let’s begin.

Firstly, Do we ever see Sakonji’s face?

The answer is no. It’s just one of those secrets that is never revealed. It adds to the mystery of this legend’s story, and honestly, I think we’re better off never seeing his real face.

Was Urokodaki a Hashira?

YES! He used to be the water hashira back in the day before becoming a mentor and teaching other poeple how to deal with demons.

Who killed Sakonji Urokodaki?

I should be the one to inform you no one. Our favorite coach is still very alive and kicking. Its a relief isnt it?

Who is Giyu to Sakonji Urokodaki?

Giyu is a very dear friend. Sakonji used to train him. So its like a coach’s rellationship with a student. One who crossed the border of coach-student zone and has become a friend.

Is Sakonji Urokodaki stronger than Tanjiro?

Back in the day when he was young YesRight now maybe not, but thats like comparing Ronaldiho at 60 to Ronaldo at 25. They both are legends of their times.

So, thats all for today. I hope these informations about our favorite seasoned character of all time, Sakonji Urokodaki has been helpful to you. Till the next adventure, sayonara!

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