Sumire Kamado

Sumire Kamado, A Kawaii baby

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This baby, Sumire Kamado is an absolute sweet pea and a small part of the Kamado family‘s history. She rocks a black and red hair like no child would ever. Close your eyes and imagine a cute baby with big adorable eyes that carry the weight of the Kamado family and a light purple kimono with sans shoes. That’s Sumire at one glance for you.

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She really is just a curious sunshine baby. Giggling and squeaking out of joy as she watches Yoriichi do his sun breathing moves. It’s like winning a front-row ticket to a Harry Houdini show. You can’t not smile while watching. But it’s not always rainbows even for a baby. Sumire‘s eyes get shiny and full of tears as she witnesses Yoriichi say goodbye. We can all agree that no goodbyes are fun, but it just shows how much of a bond she shares with Yoriichi. We catch them in a scene where Yoriichi is on the verge of tears while thinking about his regrets. All of those sad thoughts go away for a second as Sumire, clueless about anything beyond candy, tugs at his sleeve to be picked up and thrown around by Yoriichi. It puts a smile on his face. It’s a very cute scene don’t you think?

sumire kamado and yoriichi

She Hands Yoriichi a flower once too, and also comes up in Tanjiro‘s dream as an ancestor of Kamado’s. Sumire Kamado has no superpowers but she sure knows how to melt anyone’s heart. I’m pretty sure that’s a human superpower.

Some random facts

You’ve guessed it right. It’s the name game. dear readers, you might find it interesting that Sumire means fine jade” (瑾 sumi) and “sacred object, ancestral shrine” (禰 re). She is a gem indeed. One that resembles Nezuko. Or maybe Nezuko resembles her? Because Sumire carries the weight of legacy in the Kamado family

Sumire looks like the spitting image of Nezuko. With the same shiny black and red hair and a charming smile, it’s like an apple that has been cut in half.


sumire kamado cuddling by yoriichi

So that’s Sumire for you. She’s cute and playful and also powerful when it comes to touching the otaku’s hearts. Sumire is a piece of the Kamado family puzzle and plays her part nicely don’t you think?

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