Suyako Kamado in manga

Suyako Kamado, The ancestor we all wish we had.

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Today It’s Suyako Kamado‘s turn, The petite beautiful woman with long shiny black hair wandering over her shoulders and back. She was Sumiyoshi Kamado‘s wife and a worthy ancestor to the Kamado family.

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But there’s a catch to Suyuko that you can’t miss: Her magnetic smile. She has this smile that hypnotizes you and puts you at ease.

Her wardrobe game is strong as hell. She rocks a purple kimono and a white cloth that she ties to the top of her head. Simple and cozy, just how I like things to be.

We catch Suyako in Tanjiro‘s flashbacks. In the flashbacks, she seems to be a happy and driven mother. When she sees Yoriichi suddenly crying as he hugs Sumire, Suyako‘s mothering nature rises, and she offers to feed him to cheer him up. Suyako is a kind woman, cheerful and nourishing to the people around her. She’s everything you would want in a person.

We don’t have much information about Suyako, except she was married to Sumiyoshi Kamado and lived a happy life alongside her children (one son and one daughter). Suyako and Sumiyoshi found a home in the mountains. A home that Yoriichi Tsugikuni and Uta owned before their death.

Suyako is the unexpected guest star in Tanjiro‘s showdown with Hantengu during the Swordsmith Village Arc. while she carries a basket of vegetables Suyako flashes an infectious smile at Tanjiro. It’s as if she had seen a long-time friend. She also shows up at the sunrise countdown arc as Tanjiro lies almost unconscious after an attack by Muzan. But that’s it, unfortunately. Although very brief, it’s still a very fulfilling story.

Suyako Kamado

Facts and questions about Suyako

You might find it interesting that our beloved Suyako has a tendency to sleep a lot. Yes, you heard it right. She falls asleep like a baby and enjoys her time asleep sometimes so much that her husband gets worried. Her sleep genes have also been passed on because we catch Nezuko choosing the same life routine when she turned into a demon. She would rather sleep to regain her strength and recover instead of eating humans. It’s a funny fact, I love it.

Now let’s talk names cause it’s an important part of my reviews. Suyako‘s name is a mirror to her soul. Suyako contains the Go-on’yomi reading of the kanji for “pearl, gem, jewel” ( su), and the Kun’yomi for “all the more, increasingly” ( ya) and “child” ( ko). She is indeed a gem and the child part I believe lies in her smile and cheerfulness, almost as if she’s 10 and clueless about the harsh realities of the world.

Some questions you might be curious about :

Does Suyako Kamado have any abilities?

The answer is no, nein. Pre-learning about sun breathing from Yoriichi by her husband, Suyako has shown no special ability of her own and is as much human as you are.

Who is Sumiyoshi Kamado’s wife?

Sumiyoshi Kamado‘s wife is Suyako Kamado, a caring and driven woman who played a rather important role in the Kamado Family’s story.

Who is Suyako in Demon Slayer?

Well, Suyako isn’t exactly a demon slayer in that sense. She is an ancestor to the Kamado family and the nurturing wife of Sumiyoshi Kamado. She makes an appearance in the Kamado family history moments.


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