Tanjuro Kamado, the man behind the legend

Tanjuro Kamado, an unsung hero

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Today’s topic is one of my favorite ones. Tanjiro Kamado, the unsung hero of the Demon Slaying world. This guy was everything to everyone. He was a husband to the ever-so-beautiful Kie, and the father of Tanjiro, Rokuta, Shigeru, Nezuko, Hanako, and Takeo. His occupation was a coal burner. It seems like his life was simple, yet so impactful. Shall we begin this journey?

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How does Tanjuro look?

Tanjuro was born with a mark on his forehead. His hair was black with cherry red tips that matched his eye color. While we’re on the topic of eyes I should note that he has one of the warmest eye smiles in the world of anime. There’s just something to it that makes it so alluring. Tanjuro suffered from an illness that made his skin look paler than a vampire’s and also made him a weaker human being.

Tanjuro’s taste in fashion is the same as his son Tanjiro’s, or is it the other way around? Anyway, he rocks a black and orange checkered Haori and the most iconic pair of earrings that pass on to his son after his death. Tanjuro looked sweet and handsome, which is a fire combination if you ask me.

Tanjuro Kamado

Personality-wise, Tanjuro was the guy you would feel safe around. He was quiet, charismatic, and protective. This guy wouldn’t hold a grudge against anybody and was quick to forgive. Tanjuro created a peaceful life with his family, being the loving and sweet person he is. Tanjiro would rarely feel pressured by his father like most sons feel. 

Tanjuro was a humble being, but if his loved one were in danger Tanjuro wouldn’t hesitate to throw some punches and fight til death.

What’s Tanjuro’s journey like?

Sadly Tanjuro wasn’t alive for a long time as he died before Mulan Kibutsuji slaughtered his wife and youngest children. Sad story I know, but Tanjuro left a huge mark on his two remaining children, especially Tanjiro.

In the Mount Natagumo Arc Tanjiro is forced to fight in a battle with Rio and is nearly defeated by his blood demon arc. Tanjiro suddenly remembers a memory from the past when his father told him to breathe and become Hinokami. Tanjiro remembers watching his father become Hinokami on a freezing cold night and asks his mother how Tanjuro can do this while freezing. His mother tells him that Tanjuro does a certain breath that’s why he’s able to do it even at that low temperature. Thanks to his dad’s training Tanjiro then switches from Water breathing to use the Hinokami Kagura: Dance. 

The Sunrise Countdown Arc is my favorite. Ok so Nezuko is drugged and turned into human again. She starts running away from the hideout to find and save her brother. That’s where Tanjuro comes in the picture. His spirit guides his daughter and gives her direction. How sweet is that? Tanjuro is there to save the day even after he’s dead.

Tanjuro Kamado, the man behind the legend

Now let’s talk about the Mugen Train Arc. Enmu traps Tanjiro in a dream with his blood demon art. While Tanjiro is in a haze, his father appears to him out of nowhere and tells him not to give up. Tanjuro tells Tanjiro that he should slice something with his blade to awaken himself. Tanjuro appears again when his son prays for his father to protect him in his last fight with Enmu. Tanjuro is always there to save the day, always.

Tanjuro’s skills

I believe Tanjuro Kamado would’ve made a sick Demon Slayer had he been one. Sadly he wasn’t, and being sick and weak also put a limit on his abilities. Despite all of that Tanjuro still was one of the strongest Demon Slayer characters. This guy killed a bear 10 times bigger than him with a single axe and get this, he did it before you can say “bear” out loud. That’s how fast Tanjuro was. Also, let’s not forget his incredible skill of becoming Hinokami Kagura. This skill enabled him to dance without being exhausted and under any condition.

Tanjuro Kamado is fighting with a bear

Facts about Tanjuro

  • Tanjuro’s name is as cool as he is. “Tanjuro” translates to “charcoal son” in Japanese, which is fitting considering his fiery spirit. 
  • His English voice actor also voices the Hand Demon – talk about range!

Let’s answer Your questions

Was Tanjuro Kamado a Demon Slayer?

No, he was not. Tanjuro was a loving parent to his children who also passed down a special breathing technique called Hinokami Kagura.

Did Tanjuro Kamado Defeat Muzan?

Tanjuro Kamado never defeated Muzan, the villain of the series. He never even directly faced Muzan.

Who is Tanjuro Kamado?

Tanjuro Kamado was the husband of Kie and father of Tanjiro and Nezuko Kamado. Tanjuro was a flame dancer who had mastered Hinokami Kagura.

Tanjuro Kamado, fire dancing

Who Killed Tanjuro Kamado?

Tanjuro Kamado passed away because of a disease that weakened him over the years. The series never got into details about what the name of his illness was.

Is Tanjuro Kamado Still Alive?

Well, he wasn’t alive from the very beginning of the Demon Slayer series. We see him only in flashbacks and spirit appearances.

Alright folks, this is the end of Tanjuro’s journey I’m afraid. He was a remarkable man before anything else, protecting his loved ones and showing them with overflowing love. The world needs more of him. I’d love to read your comments about this unsung hero. Bye for now!



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