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The complete biodata of Eren Yeager

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Today I’m going to be talking about the Biodata of one of the most intriguing and mysterious characters in anime history, Eren Yeager of Attack On Titan. Eren’s personality is a mix of emotions that he feels intensely. From his early years in the Shiganshina district to the climax of the story, he is motivated by these emotions. He plays a crucial role in defending humanity from Titans and essentially becoming the violent protagonist of Attack On Titan.

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Here is Eren’s biodata:

  • Full Name: Eren Yeager
  • Japanese Name: エレン・イェーガー (Eren Yēgā)
  • Age: 15 in year 850, ages throughout the series til 19
  • Birthdate: March 30th
  • Height: grows to 183 cm, 4 meters in Attack Titan form
  • Weight: around 63 kg initially
  • Hair Color: Brown
  • Eye Color: Green
  • Affiliation: Survey Corps
  • Rank: Former Cadet Corps member, later becomes a key member of the Survey Corps
  • Titan Forms:
    • Attack Titan
    • Founding Titan (after inheriting the power)
    • War Hammer Titan (later in the series)
  • Parents: Carla Yeager (mother), Grisha Yeager (father)
  • Key Relationships:
    • Mikasa Ackerman (closest friend, potential lover)
    • Armin Arlert (best friend)
    • Levi Ackerman (superior leader in the Survey Corps)
  • Important Traits:
    • Strong will for justice and freedom
    • Extremely hardheaded and passionate
    • Impulsive
  • Character Arc: Initially a youthful innocent soul, he becomes a crazy revenge-driven human towards the end of the series.

Early Life and Background

The start of Eren’s story is in his hometown Shiganshina District. While living with his mother and father, life was as normal as it could get for him. It was all normal until the walls of Shiganshina were destroyed by The Colossal Titan. Eren witnessed his mom’s death that day, and everything changed for him. His whole life started centering around revenge and fury, for his peace was shattered by the attack of the Titans. That’s when he became determined to get rid of every single titan.

Growing up, Eren joined the military alongside his friends Armin and Mikasa. Their interactions are an important part of shaping Erens values and beliefs, especially his interaction with Mikasa. His bond with Mikasa formed when he saved her from a group of traffickers who killed her family. They were both kids. Mikasa joined the training corps with Eren just because she was thankful for him. She has always felt like she owed him as he saved her life once.

After joining the scout regiment, Eren experienced different sets of emotions within the hardships and cruel realities of the world. His father’s mysterious background and him finding out about his titan-shifting abilities shaped his new personality. His passion for freedom is noble in my mind, for no human should accept being treated like they don’t get to choose for themselves. Eren’s journey, as beautiful as it is, revolves around so many negative adjectives, and it leads him to do a lot of dark stuff and eventually become a villain in so many people’s stories.

biodata eren yeager titan

How does Eren Yeager look?

Eren is a young man of muscular build and above-normal height. His looks resemble his mother’s, with a rounded face and large green eyes like hers. Eren’s hair used to be short and black with bangs covering his forehead. After joining the scout he’s shown to become physically fit and muscular due to his training. After the four-year skip, Eren comes back with long hair down to his neck. To be honest with you, Eren singlehandedly popularized man buns so, we have to give it to him for that.

Eren’s personality

Eren is extremely strong-willed and passionate, about everything that he believes in. His passion goes hand in hand with his courage. I believe not many people have all these ingredients for reaching their goals. Eren has dreams and isn’t scared of anything being thrown at him in the way. He also cares a lot for his friends, always putting their lives first. When he was a child, he fought with larger boys who were bullying Armin. With Mikasa, he wasn’t hesitant even for one second slaughtering those big guys who killed her family.

Overall I think his sense of discipline and responsibility stopped him from showing his emotions, which is very sad to me. He became the bigger cause he was fighting for so he didn’t have time to go to therapy. (that was a joke, but he needed it).

Relationships and Interactions

Grisha Yeager: Eren’s relationship with his father became a lot more serious after he died. You might think that’s funny, but The Attack Titan has the ability to see the past and also the future. Eren uses this ability to his benefit later on and takes his brother Zeke to see his father in the past. While traveling in time Eren finds out a lot of things about his childhood and the way his father adored him. Eren looked up to him a lot.

Carla Yeager: Eren’s mother was an angel, loving parent to him. She visibly didn’t like Eren to join the scout regiment. Her death left a significant mark on him, as his life shattered with the thought of never being able to see her again. Her death motivated Eren to escape the walls and save mankind.

Mikasa Ackerman: Eren’s relationship with Mikasa is always an enigma. They obviously cared deeply for each other. They were each other’s best friends, tho Eren visibly showed less emotion toward Mikasa while Mikasa seemed to be more open with her feelings. I personally believe he was in love with her, as she was also. Eren knew he didn’t have time to love. His life span was already shortened due to becoming a titan, and he thought she wouldn’t be happy with him.

Armin Arlert: Armin showed Eren things beyond the wall that made him more curious than he already was. Armin was surely Eren’s best friend. A person Eren could count on his mind and intelligence. When Levi is forced to revive Armin or Erwin, Eren desperately fights for Armin to be chosen. This just shows how close they were to each other.


In conclusion, Eren is more than just a biodata of his life. He’s more complex and his environment plays an important role for each part of his personality to come out. I believe he had to bear more burdens than he was able to from the early years of his life. He was troubled with his freedom being stolen from him and his people. He was tired of the constant internal fights. I honestly understand his motives and his struggles. Also, he did save a part of humanity, and he sacrificed himself for his friends to be the heroes of the story.

Eren Yeager might technically be a villain, but he remains a troubled hero of Attack on Titan in my mind for eternity.

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