Who is Toko Agatsuma

Toko Agatsuma ladies and gentlemen

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Allow me to introduce you to Toko Agatsuma, the great-granddaughter of Nezuku Kamado and Zenitsu Agatsuma. It’s like she has some popular blood running through her veins. Kind of like the child of a celebrity?

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How does Toko look?

Toko‘s looks are no joke. She is stunning, with long black hair that resembles Nezuko‘s. Her hair turns firey red at the tips which is the coolest shade of red I’ve seen. Her pink eyes are big enough for you to drown in them while making eye contact and she has dark long lashes framing them. To be honest, Toko is a sight to see, no doubt.

As for her style, she absolutely rocks this long blue long-sleeved school uniform. Not many people look good in uniforms but I’ve always loved seeing Toko in that white vest and black skirt, with the assessment of long knee socks and brown loafers.

Her personality

Toko has a love-hate relationship with her brother Yoshiteru. She cares for his academic results therefore keeps scolding him day after day so that he ends up with good results, and he does nail highschool thanks to her. She’s also not shy to kick his butt every now and then for it. So you can say she’s the logical type. One who is goal-oriented and disciplined. She even doesn’t believe any of Zenitsu‘s demon-fighting journal superstitious stuff. Everything is real and on the ground for Toko to believe in it.

But she has a whole different personality when you put Kanata Kamado into the picture, her second cousin. Now Toko is all lovey-dovey and smiley for him. Especially when he showers her with compliments. I mean, aren’t we all sunshine and rainbows for our crushes? I’m guilty of that myself.

Toko Agatsuma with flower background

Toko Agatsuma’s story

We catch Toko in a scene walking to school with her brother Yoshiteru. Yoshiteru is talking about his daydreams of superstitious demon slaying stuff and she’s not having any of it. She scolds him and he makes a remark about Toko being different from any other woman in their family. She is hot-tempered and grounded. Toko then drops the reincarnation bomb on her, which made her even angrier as she does not believe in that kind of things. Toko doesn’t care much and goes on. Toko being distracted by a gymnast winning a gold medal tries to change the topic.

Later they spot Kanat Kamado and we can sense the shift in her personality as Kanata starts complimenting her left and right. She becomes softer and noticeably sweeter but quickly changes as she finds out her brother had a part in making them not able to go to a restaurant together. She looks at him angrily and scolds Yoshiteru. Typical sibling love am I right?

Who is Toko Agatsuma


So there you go, that’s Toko Agatsuma in a nutshell. Now there’s only one question left. Does Toko have superpowers like her ancestors? The answer to this is no, she doesn’t. She is as ordinary as it can get. Not that ordinary is not good, personally i have a thing for the most ordinary people with big kind hearts. That counts as a superpower. But yeah, Toko has no demon-slaying powers. She is a loving sister to Yoshiteru and an amazing person overall. I don’t know about you but I like these grounded normal characters that also bring depth to the story. Toko is all about that, and much more.

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