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Top 7 Mikey’s Quotes from Tokyo Revengers

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As a die-hard fan of Tokyo Revengers and anime in general, I relate so much to each of Mikey’s quotes, for they are not only motivational but also like a life lesson learned the hard way. Here are some of my favorites :

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Mikey’s top 7 quotes

1_“If you want to win, you have to believe you’ll win.”


It’s an amazing reminder that mindset plays an important role in winning in life. If you believe you’ll win, you’ve already won half the battle.


2_“You don’t have to be blood-related to be a family.”


In life, especially nowadays you find family in people you’re not even related to. I believe sometimes family is not about blood, but who sticks with you the longest without judging. It also shows how Mikey has found a family in the bond they have formed together and that’s beautiful.


3: “If all you can do is destroy what’s precious to me…then I will destroy you.”

This is my personal favorite quote from him. It reminds me of Eren Yeager of Attack on Titans. he’s determined to get rid of anything that’s in the way of his happiness. Being a little selfish for the sake of you and your loved ones is important sometimes.


4: “It’s okay to be weak, but don’t stay weak.”


Everyone experiences moments of weakness, but only a few can learn from it and get up. Mikey’s point is very clear and beautiful to me. He believes in the magic of not giving up after a major fall. The only way to succession is to accept your strengths and also weaknesses as a part of you.


5_“Protecting your friend is a captain’s duty.”


Mikey as a leader gratefully accepts the responsibility of protecting his friends and being there for them. There’s a lot to learn from this quote.



6: “The most important thing is not to win a fight, but to not let yourself be defeated.”


Wow. You’re free to read this as many times as you want. What Mikey means by this sentence is that you’re gonna lose some fights, it’s inevitable, but you have to remind yourself to not give up after losing one fight. If you have a goal, in the path of reaching it you’re gonna fall down a lot. Consistency is what helps you win in the end.


7: “I don’t want to regret anything because of the choices I make.”


Even though the whole anime revolves around time traveling, Mikey was always careful of the decisions he made, and that’s endearing to me.



8: “Crying isn’t going to change anything!”

This might seem very harsh and rude at first, but we all should remember that being sad about your problems is not gonna solve them. We should get up and do something about it.

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