What are Rheas & Who is Rheas fighter?

What are Rheas in Goblin Slayer?

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Rheas are quite like elves. They are human-like adventurers but in smaller size and with pointed ears. Honestly cute right? Picture a hundred small-size Rheas goofing around in the meadows, which is where they live. It’s a scene to watch. Rheas are not much for combat and are often seen reciting riddles in terms of combat and teaching. I think it’s time for me to introduce you to the king of riddles. Bara ba bam (silent drum rolls). Its Burglar. He is Goblin Slayer‘s famous master and is as old as dirt. “What have I got in my pocket?” is one of Burglar‘s enigmatic riddles.

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Rheas get physically fit at the age of thirty, but mentally they mature faster. Racism or prejudice towards some people has always existed in every story. It’s like we can’t imagine a world around it. In Rheas‘ case, it exists too, as they are perceived as two-faced thieves in their world.

Today I’m gonna talk about a specific Rhea, The Rhea fighter. Let’s begin the journey, shall we?

How does Rhea Fighter look?

She’s such a view. Imagine a petite woman with a beautiful shade of red hair that’s tied in a ponytail and lime green eyes that draw you in whenever she smiles. Rhea fighter rocks an armored slash warrior look and black leggings that compliment her slim legs. Her special charm is a mixture of delicacy and toughness, with a smile that lights up the whole town and combat skills that will shock you. She can be both at the same time. Now tell me isn’t that so charming?

Who is Rheas fighter?

What’s inside the Rhea Fighter?

She is pure sunshine. She owns this cheerful personality that can brighten up even the most miserable people or situations. Her inviting personality comes in handy with her partner the Wizard Boy too. She keeps him in check and mends his relations with his friends. She is the peacemaker ya’ll. She’s also a scaredy cat but despite her fears The Rhea Fighter is determined to break barriers for Rheas. She longs to be a warrior instead of a scout and in her own words, be bigger than big someday.

Her long for adventure

Her background is quite an experience, especially for girls. The Rhea Fighter escaped her home, Shire, simply because she didn’t want to give in to an arranged marriage. She had bigger dreams. She took her grandfather’s sword along with her which I believe was a kickstart to her dreams of being an adventurer.

Learning knot tricks

While in the Adventure’s Guild, The Rhea Fighter becomes curious about what the Lizard Priest‘s party does. She asks him about it and he explains to her how to learn playing with ropes and different knots. But the Goblin Slayer informs her that she shouldn’t only rely on that if her memory doesn’t keep up. The Rhea Fighter is a hardworking newbie and soon all of her squad realizes that.

Her training

Despite the situation being hazy with Lizard Priest, her time with Female Knight is much more amusing. The Female Knight does not hold back and trains The Rhea Fighter so hard that she begs her to go easy on her. But you only learn and grow if you train hard enough am I right? The same goes with our Rhea Fighter. She welcomes this new world and grows stronger. She even makes her own little team with Wizard Boy. How cute is that? She proves that she is not just a side character but rather the heart of adventure itself.

Rheas fighter

Her battles

During the winter the Ice Witch attempts to bring on “The unending winter”. Therefore The Rhea Fighter is asked to head to the Northern Mountains by the Frontier Town alongside the Wizard Boy. Although she had never planned on saving the world, our precious Rhea Fighter gave her everything while taking the role of a baggage carrier. On top of that, she reminds Wizard Boy of his manners and keeps him in check and leveled.

When an entire city had a fall down and became full of chaos, Heavy Warrior Spearman hired The Rhea Warrior and Wizard Boy to do some scouting of the area. They nail this task too, becoming one of the coolest trios.

The Rhea Fighter’s life is about so many ups and downs, so much failure and fears. But at the same time, it’s full of courage and learned skills. She is a hero for not settling for an arranged marriage and going out in the world to find real happiness. I love her for that, and many more reasons.

Some of your questions about rheas :

What are Rheas in Goblin Slayer?

Rheas are human-like adventurers but in smaller size and with pointed ears living in meadows. They are not much for combat but are known for their quick wit and riddles.

Is Rhea known as Burglar?

 No. Burglar is a specific Rhea who is known for reciting endless riddles in terms of combat, which tells us about the quirky and intelligent nature of Rheas.

What are rheas abilities?

 Rheas have high technique reflexes, making them good scouts or monks. They also have a high psyche which helps them become helpful priests and shamans. Rheas rely on strategy and riddles more than physical strength, for they are damn good at strategizing. They are also good navigators.

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