What is hobgoblin in Goblin Slayer

What is hobgoblin in Goblin Slayer?

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Ok, out of all the Goblins, The Hobgoblin is a personal favorite for me. Wanna know why? Buckle up folks and allow me to elaborate.

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But first, imagine this. You are a monster in the world of magical creatures, and you might be the strongest one but no one pays attention to you. That’s pretty much a Hobgoblin‘s life story. It has its ups and downs too. Are you ready?

What is a hobgoblin in Goblin Slayer?

At first glance, Hobgoblin seemed to me like any other monster, big and buff on the outside but lacking enough brain cells. Hobgoblin introduced itself differently. It had this certain look in its eyes. A sense of purpose and a certain kind of wit that was unusual in the Goblin world. Goblins come in different variations as they mature. They can become Shamans, Champions, Lords, Hobgoblins, and many more. Hobgoblins are bigger, stronger variants of Goblins that work the job of bodyguards for wanderers who travel from one nest to another. Hobgoblins guard nests too, due to their large size.

The Hobgoblin is indeed as brutal as the rest of Goblins. To prove my sentence I ask you to recall the first scene we encounter a Hobgoblin in the series. It was to stop the attack of a female adventurer. The girl stood no chance against the Hobgoblin as it grabbed her leg and twisted it, throwing her around. That’s their nature, and no amount of maturity can stop that.


What’s the difference between a Hobgoblin and all the other creatures?

Well, that’s a unique question. The answer is point of view. Some of you who are reading this might hate their guts. To me, Hobgoblins are extremely underrated and deserve more attention. A Hobgoblin‘s flexibility, strength, ability to lead and unexpected strategic responses were something novel in the world of the same old twists and plots.

I recall a scene in the series where a Hobgoblin outplayed a group of adventurers with just a trap made out of small tree branches. I realized I had judged them too soon, that Hobgoblins are deeper than their caves. I’ve come to learn that every character comes with a story worth telling. It doesn’t matter whether it’s small or giant, important or unimportant. Read Hobgoblin‘s story without prejudice and they might impress you with their hidden charms. Till the next adventure bye!

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