What you have to know about Jigoro Kuwajima, the Thunder Hashira

Our Thunder Hashira, Jigoro Kuwajima

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Jigoro Kuwajima, the man who trained Zenitsu and Kaigaku, the legendary Thunder Hashira. This fella is the wise owl of the Demon Slayer world. Let’s read a quote by him: “Zenitsu, perfect it! It’s alright to cry or go off by yourself. Just don’t ever give up. Believe in yourself. You endured all that hellish training. You’ll be rewarded for that without question. Work to forge yourself like a tempered blade… and become the most resilient of all! Focus on what you do best!”. What a true legend.

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His appearance

There’s no denying the fact that Kuwajima is a midget man, probably half the height of Tanjiro. Kuwajima has white although very thick hair and thick eyebrows. His bushy mustache adds to his charismatic appearance. He misses his right leg and uses a peg instead. This is a sign of the dangerous journeys he went on and his hardships as a demon slayer.

Jigoro’s style is traditional. He rocked a Jinbei Kimono with a yellowish-brown color base and triangle-shaped patterns all over it. This old man has a strange taste in fashion but we love him anyway.

Thunder Hashira

What’s Jigoro’s personality like?

Jigoro was one of the most devoted trainers in Demon Slayer. He was stoic and steady, also very patient with his students. I love patient teachers. It’s like a huge weight is off your shoulders. Jigoro was so good at his job and a skillful Hashira that he decided he wanted to devote the rest of his life to raising new generations like him.

Zenitsu once said that Jigoro despite all the times he ran out on him, never gave up on him. Jigoro had saved him and patiently trained him. He was content even seeing Zenitsu master the first form of his breathing technique. Jigoro is like a selfless father and it makes him so much more of a legend than he already is.

His journey

This old man has trained Kaigaku and Zenitsu as a former Thunder Hashira and they appeared to be polar opposites. Zenitsu could only master the first thunder-breathing form. On the other hand, Kaigaku had mastered every thunder-breathing form except the first form. It’s like yin and yang, isn’t it?

This old man committed Seppuku (a form of ritual suicide) when Kaigaku betrayed them and wanted to gain Demon powers. Zenitsu stated that Jigoror’s death was a slow and painful one because no one could cut his head off while bleeding. I hope his soul is doing well up there in the sky.

In the Infinity Castle Arc after killing Kaigaku Zenitsu and Jigoro meet for a short period of time in the afterlife. They have a good talk and reminisce about old times. It felt so comfortable and heartwarming watching this scene, I was pleased to my core. Zenitsu apologizes for never liking Kaigaku. Jigoro then gives him a sweet look and tells him with teary eyes that Zenitsu is his pride and joy in life. Ah, it’s making me cry again. After that Jigoro forces Zenitsu to go back and leave the afterlife. End of story!

IJigoro Kuwajima, the Thunder Hashira

Some questions about Jigoro Kuwajima

Was Zenitsu’s Grandpa a Hashira?

Yes. Jigoro Kuwajima often called Zenitsu’s grandpa was a former Thunder Hahira. He saved Zenitsu in many ways and taught him all the things he had learned throughout time, leaving his legacy to Zenitsu Agatsuma.

How Strong is Jigoro Kuwajima?

He had mind-blowing skills. Even though the series doesn’t give us exact details of his abilities, just by the way Zenitsu was brought up and how strong he is, we can guess his trainer was just as good, if not better.

That’s all for today. Hope you enjoyed learning about Jigoro Kuwajima and I’ll see you at the next one!

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