Who is first Devil Hunter

Who is the first Devil Hunter?

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I’m more than happy to invite you to the history of Devil Hunters. If you have ever been curious about who the very first Devil Hunter to ever exist was, you’re in the right place. Spoiler warning: it’s a female!

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The very first Devil hunter

Now who is this badass character? Ladies and gentlemen, it’s Quanxi (In Romaji it’s Kwanshi). She is one of the most talented and skilled devil hunters hence she’s the first one. She later merged with the Bow Devil and became a Hybrid. Honestly, I was over the moon when I found out the first Devil Hunter is a female, not a caveman everyone would assume to be. Quanxi is truly a legend when it comes to decapitating Devils and I’m so proud of that. Go girls right?

The truth is, there might be other Devil Hunters who came first but couldn’t succeed at it so they didn’t become official. Quanxi might’ve set foot in their footsteps but she was much more qualified and skilled than any of them. I’ll talk about it more later.

But for now, what does it take to become a special Devil Hunter for the first time? What did Quanxi have that others didn’t?

Who is first Devil Hunter

I’ll break it down for you:

  1. Her personality: Quanxi was incredibly practical and realistic. She developed a firm belief in the sentence “Ignorance is bliss”. Therefore she didn’t waste her time on other human worries, only focusing on her goal which made her invincible.
  2. Her abilities:
  • Enhanced speed
  • Enhanced strength: Quanxi possesses a kind of strength that’s out of the ordinary world. In battles, she wouldn’t stop attacking devils and dolls unless her weapon got destroyed by the enemy.
  • Enhanced reflexes
  • Hybrid powers

After all, Quanxi being the first Devil Hunter was never mentioned directly in The Chainsaw Man, but the evidence strongly suggests her to be the legendary first Devil Hunter. That’s it for today. Tell me in the comments who you think possibly was the first Devil Hunter.


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