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Who is Goblin Slayer’s girlfriend?

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Are you a Goblin Slayer fan like me who has endlessly wondered who wins our handsome Goblin Slayer’s heart? Well, here’s the best place to find out. Could it be Sword Maiden? Or the ever-so-beautiful Priestess? Or is the Cow Girl ever going to make her crush fall in love with her? Let’s find out who Goblin Slayer ends up with!

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Who is Goblin Slayer’s girlfriend?

Well, I should tell you that nobody officially holds this title. I know, pretty lame for a freaking GOBLIN SLAYER to not tie the knot yet. But also pretty understandable right? He has a dangerous job, always living on the edge, and also being pretty damn busy knocking ugly Goblins out. So no, we don’t know who his girlfriend is as he doesn’t have one yet, but the fanbase has its guesses. Come with me as I spill the tea.

who is goblin slayer wife

Does Goblin Slayer love the Priestess? 

I do ship them, yes, but I’m afraid none of them are in love with each other. Goblin Slayer cares deeply about the Priestess, always protecting her and helping with the littlest things. The Priestess also loves him but I believe it is more of a teacher-student, mentor, and mentee bond rather than a romantic affection. As much as I like them to be each other’s crushes, they seem to want to keep things professional.

But no one knows what the future might bring right? We might see them together soon.

Goblin slayer's girl friend

Does Cowgirl have a crush on Goblin Slayer?

Goblin Slayer and CowGirl were best friends since childhood. Sure she has a very special place in his heart, which we can see from his actions. Goblin Slayer put traps all over the Cowgirl and her uncle’s house just to trap and kill any Goblin that comes near her. But I believe it goes as far as that, nothing more.

The Cowgirl on the other hand seems to have a teeny bit of crush on our handsome Goblin Slayer. She worries for him and takes care of him like he’s a precious diamond earring of hers. People often fall for their best friends once they truly see them as humans and not just a friends, so who knows? The Cowgirl and the Goblin Slayer? Seems nice to me. goblin slayer wife

Is Goblin Slayer in love with Guild Girl

Guild Girl does blush a little too hard in his presence. She definitely has a crush on the dashing Slayer. It’s a colleague’s kinda crush. Oh, it’s so sweet to think about going to work every day and seeing your crush right in front of you.

Are Maiden and Goblin Slayer together?

Officially no, but Sword Maiden is deeply in love with Goblin Slayer. She has big trauma regarding Goblins and feels so secure and protected around Goblin Slayer. Hope we see them together soon!

Is there any romance in Goblin Slayer? 

It’s a tricky question. Goblin Slayer is not a romantic series but there are some very little romantic interactions between characters. If you’re not a fan of slow-burn movies you might wanna stay away from this series, but if you wait just enough, you’ll watch beautiful bonds and relationships unravel as the story continues. 

For us shippers, this show is a hell of a ride. Make sure to tell me in the comments who you ship more with the Goblin Slayer. See you next time!


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