Who is Keisuke Baji? from head to toe

Who is Keisuke Baji? from head to toe

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God, where do I start with Baji? This guy is very impactful. He made his first debut in chapter 22 of the Manga as a founding member and later the First Division captain of the Tokyo Manji Gang. Baji appears as a protagonist in the “Tokyo Revengers: Letter from Keisuke Baji” spin-off series and smashes it. But, what’s more, to know about Keisuke Baji?

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What is Baji’s vibe?

Baji is 5’9 which means he has average height among men. He has a vampire aesthetic, having long shiny jet black hair and a pale face. To add to that Baji has a pair of canine teeth that give you the chills every time he smiles. Have you ever felt butterflies in your stomach from watching long-haired guys tie their hair in a bun? Well, Baji does this when he’s about to participate in a battle.

His fashion sense? Quite basic if you ask me, but it gets him going. Baji wears the standard Toman Toppuku whenever he’s hanging out with the gang. At other times he wears a white jacket with a Valhalla logo on the back of it. Basic but stylish right?

Keisuke Baji

Let’s get into his head and heart. Baji is as wild as a tiger. He loves that adrenaline rush he gets after a fight, or during. Mikey believed Baji would punch someone randomly on the street just because he was feeling it, plus he would do it with a devilish smile on his face. Typical vampire behavior right? 

Baji also has a lot going on in his head. He’s visibly smart, being able to see through people and find out their true intentions. Takemitchi is a lot like Baji in this matter. Both of them can perceive good or bad behavior, showing high IQ. This dude is great at acting too. He would make even the most intelligent ones believe he had cut ties with Toman even though no such thing was happening.

Keisuke Baji is a green flag when it comes to loyalty. He’s willing to sacrifice himself to save any of the members or the name of Toman. Baji has no fear of being called a villain if it’s for the sake of his friends’ protection. He’s showing selflessness like it’s a piece of cake when we all know it’s not.

Keisuke Baji sitting

His skills

Baji is strong, loyal, and slays authority over his entire squad with no sweat. If that’s not enough skills I don’t know what is. On top of that Baji has mindblowing physical strength. He had defeated Mandala‘s leader with only a punch before. Yes, you heard it right, only a punch. The single punch was so heavy that the wall he slammed his hands into cracked.

This dude is one of Toman‘s greatest fighters of all time. He can get through 60 enemies being wounded and only stops due to excessive bleeding and anemia.

Some facts about Keisuke Baji

  • We can’t leave without a name analysis, can we? Ok so, first Keisuke. “Kei” means gemstone and “suke” means forerunner. It suits him, doesn’t it? A rare gemstone whose fate is to lead other people. Ok, now let’s break down Baji. Baji as a whole means earth or land. Again suits his down-to-earth personality.
  • Baji’s one fear is his mom. A true mama’s boy.
  • His dream job is to own a pet shop, crazing coming out of a guy who is so into violence and the chaotic world.
  • Baji’s favorite color is deep blue
  • he’s Crowned as the number 1 potential boyfriend material, even though he says he could care less about this stuff.


Here you go. You just learned more than you wanted to about Keisuke Baji, the underrated legend. Tell me in the comments what you think of him. Bye!

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