Who is kishibe in Chainsaw man

Who is Kishibe in Chainsaw man?

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Hey everyone and welcome to another exciting review of the Chainsaw Man. This episode: Kishibe. Kishibe is the badass of the badasses. He’s an original public safety Devil Hunter from Tokyo Special Division 1, but after the Gun Devil’s assault, he became the head of Tokyo Special Division 4. Kishibe is like the cool older cousin we only see in big family gatherings.

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Let me paint it out for you. Imagine a 6’4 blonde guy who is extremely attractive at the age of 50. He has this scar on his left cheek that definitely adds to the attractiveness, and also is a sign of many untold stories. Kishibe is the cool uncle with two ear piercings and almost always wears the Devil Hunter uniform with a long overcoat that doesn’t suit anyone but him.

Inside Kishibe

Kishibe is a man with experience. He has faced so many things in the past that he lacks enthusiasm now. Kishibe appears almost uninterested in anything and whenever has to get work done, he does it with little to no emotion. The catch is that he has another side to him. Kishibe, underneath all that politeness and extraordinary manners, has a brutal side to him that only comes out on special occasions.

kishibe fighting Chainsaw man

Ok, hear me out. In the emotional department, Kishibe is like the dad who hates getting a pet but is instantly best friends with them once you get a pet. Kishibe wasn’t very fond of Fiends and Devils at first. Later when some time passed, he got attached to these people and even was worried about their safety. He has this cold exterior, this built-up mask that says “I could care less about you”, but that’s not his true personality. Inside him, there’s a lot of space for loved ones.

To prove my point, do you remember the scene of Quanxi dying? Kishibe refused to even look at her corpse once because of the friendship they had in the past. even though earlier that day they were at each other’s throats.

kishibe kickingChainsaw man

Kishibe has everything a stereotypical movie captain needs. The experience, the stoic demeanor, the madness, you name it and I bet Kishibe has it. There’s this belief he carries with him everywhere. It goes along the lines of ” The most feared Devil Hunters for Devils are not the strongest or the bravest ones, but the craziest most insane ones”. The reason for that in his eyes is that the insane ones don’t fear anything. This makes them unpredictable and strong.

His abilities

This guy has contracts with 3 Devils at least. He’s so damn strong and skilled that Makima, the boss of bosses was in awe of his abilities. You know he’s good when the Devils start praising. Also officially in the International Assassins Arc, Kishibe was stated to be a “first-rate Hunter” by Hirofumi Yoshida.

young kishibe in Chainsaw man

His Physical skills

  • Speed: This guy is as fast as lightning when it comes to dodging bullets and counterattacks. Kishibe even cut Power’s throat before she could even start an attack.
  • Strength: Imagine this. He picked up Power and Denji with each arm and was able to break their neck without them being able to move an inch. Hella crazy right? Kishibe could probably crush and break weapons by throwing a simple punch.

Kishibe also has superhuman reflexes. He can dodge any sword or weapon even if they come out of nowhere. Kishibe has a high rank in Durability too. I mean, is there anything this guy can’t do?

His Devil Contracts so far

  • Knife Devil Contract
  • Claw Devil Contract
  • Needle Devil Contract
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