Madoka in Chainsaw man

Who is Madoka in Chainsaw man?

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Today’s hot topic is Madoka, the former participant of the Devil Hunting world. Imagine this: An action movie stunt double who takes so many risks in his life catches his co-worker die in the making, and is suddenly so aware of how dangerous his job is. He then decides to quit it and go live on an island or something. That’s pretty much Madoka for you. But there’s more!

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What’s Madoka like?

He looks like an engineer, a mastermind behind smart plans. Madoka has short black hair that suits his face the best and is average in height. Two horizontal scars decorate his face in a way that you’d think he has the sharpest jaw bone.

His personality is very similar to mine. Madoka puts the a in rational. He’s conservative and cautious, never doing anything without testing the waters first. He had survived the assault on Devil Hunters by the Gun Devil. There weren’t more than a few survivors and Madoka was one of them. That’s when he decided he didn’t want that life anymore and that he wasn’t cautious enough so he quit Devil Hunting.

Madoka Chainsaw man

Madoka’s journey

Madoka’s life is pretty exciting considering he’s not a fan of excitement himself. It has its fair share of ups and downs. Let’s see.

Quick fact

He was once kissed by Himeno when she was blacked out drunk, which I think is important to note because I believed they would’ve made a great couple. I find Madoka to randomly act out of character. He’s cute when he does that. For example in the Eternity Devil arc, he attended a “newbie welcome party” and the series shows us he ordered three Shiratama dumpling trays and three parfaits. I’ve never imagined him to be a foodie but here we go.

Madoka in Chainsaw man

Katana Man Arc

This is where things get pretty serious. Madoka was having the time of his life with his Devil Hunter partner when a bunch of gun shootings came out of nowhere. It was all the Gun Devil‘s idea to assassinate all Devil Hunters of Special Division 4, and boy was it a show.

Madoka was one of the few people who had survived the attack. He alongside Denji were survivors. Madoka is a smart man. He later met up with Makima and mentioned that he had to quit the Division or else he would surely be killed because the Division is much more sinister nowadays than he thought. To this Makima lets him quit. Later Madoka gets a little bit suspicious and asks Makima how much of the current situation she had seen coming. Makima doesn’t give him an answer. Smart guy right?


I believe his greatest skill is that he has made a contract with the Luck Devil (joking, there’s no such thing, yet), simply because he gets out of messy situations alive and without a scratch. But there’s more to him for sure. It’s just unknown for now.


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