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Who is Majo or Witch in Goblin Slayer?

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Majo or Witch in Goblin Slayer is an adventurer in silver rank who is teamed up with Spearman. She has a beautiful purple hair that is almost as long as her height, reaching her thighs. Majo is truly what they call a black cat woman. With her yellow eyes and revealing set of robes, not to forget her demeanor, often seen smoking a pipe and being seductive at work she resembles an unfazed black cat who gets whatever she wants.

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Majo‘s appearance adds to her mysterious aura as much as her personality. There’s a quote by the beautiful witch herself that says all you need to know :

Only a tangled skein awaits those who carelessly spin tales about love or the universe’s mysteries… not to mention a woman’s beauty. “

What’s her personality like?

Majo‘s personality suits her appearance. She is how you expect her to be, but there’s a twist. Majo tends to have a sexual manner even in her tone and the words she chooses. Our favorite witch is a natural flirt. But she’s also a big sister figure to those in need of help. Majo likes to help and nurture the ones around her which has led to rookies being comfortable and depending on her calm and helpful presence.

Her way of speaking is quite special too. She tends to speak calmly, to avoid accidental spellcasting. Not my everyday problem to be honest!

Who is Majo or Witch in Goblin Slayer?

What are Majo’s abilities?

Majo is an incredible spell castor as we all know. These are some of her spells for you curious souls :

  • Magic Missile
  • Counterspell: A witch spell used to make others like a shaman‘s spell ineffective before they are even cast.
  • Inflammarae: It is a rather powerful fire-casting spell, but she uses it to light her pipe.
  • Deflect Missile: An invisible flow used to prevent someone from harming her.
  • Silence
  • Grant Fire: It works by chanting the words “Alma…Inflammare…Offero” and can claim the power of a person’s weapon and buff it in magical fire
  • light

  Her equipment

  • Magic Candle: It’s a very amusing piece of equipment. It’s a candle that lights up whenever she’s close to what he’s looking for. Our fave senior lent this to a rookie warrior after he lost his word to help him find it.
  • Gate scroll

Majo’s Adventures

Everything started on a sunny spring day in Frontier Town. A gleaming young witch came to the Adventurer’s Guild, brushing shoulders with The almighty Goblin Slayer and Spearman. She soon started to catch eyes left and right, for she was beautiful as well as skilled. Majo could be anything but she certainly isn’t greedy. She seeks adventure almost just for the hell of it. While assisting in Cow Girl‘s defense against Goblins alongside Spearman, Majo decides to help even without receiving any reward. She casts spells and works her magic which leads to their victory. To be honest I like a quirky character with high prowess. Majo shows her quirky side at the end of their battle as the Goblin Slayer unmasked himself revealing to be indeed the handsome guy she predicted him to be. Our Witch, as pretty as a picture, beamed when she saw his face.

Majo or Witch in Goblin Slayer

Her battles and rich bonds

While facing a Rock Eater in an abandoned gold mine, her magic came to be ineffective and in the end, it was Spearman‘s timely intervention that saved her, which reflected the power of unity in my idea. I guess that’s why this battle stood out for me out of all her adventures. It was more than just a good fight. Majo loves to be the helping hand, but the people who give sometimes don’t receive enough. I was happy that Spearman gave back the help he would receive from Majo.

Her interactions with Goblin Slayer about the magic ring, also a Gate Scroll, and her attempt at forming an official party all mark the spirit of adventure in her. Majo loves it as much as she loves a well-casted spell.

On top of all of that, Majo is like a therapist in town. She listens and offers great advice to people like younger Priestess and rookie warriors. Her ability to see the good in people and brighten their day is truly what makes her shine brighter.

Does the journey continue?

As we watch the adventure of Majo unfold in Goblin Slayer, It shows us that their battles are not just about swords and victory. It’s much deeper than that. In my idea it shows the power of friendship, as cheesy as it might sound Majo and her party couldn’t survive if they didn’t have each other. The Witch is pretty damn good at casting spells on Goblins and Beasts, but she is more of a pro when it comes to casting spells on people’s hearts. Not once did she hesitate when it came to helping or guiding others. I truly admire her and more than that respect her.

I hope it was helpful to you too. Hope I see you in the next article. Till then, bye folks.

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