Who is Slasher or Kirisaki in Demon Slayer?

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Slasher looks like a Marvel character or one who would show up in the Incredibles cartoon, but he is much darker than any of those movies. Kirisaki aka Slasher came out of nowhere in the investigation of the Mugen Train and pretty much killed numerous people before being mastered and crushed by our one and only Kyojuro Rengoku.

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Who is slasher in demon slayer

What is Slasher like?

First of all, he is not young. Slasher is sort of buff, but pale as a vampire. Look wise Slasher is the typical villain, sporting a frown and a devilish smile showcasing those scary fangs of his. He has lime-green eyes and dark blue tattoos covering most of his body and on his head. This tells us something about him. Head tattoos represent murder in the Edo period, so we can tell he did murder quite a few souls just based on his tattoos.

Fashion wise he isn’t slaying either. Slasher wears a sleeveless blue shirt and black leggings. Not fun right? He also pretty much lives in a pair of Zori with blue straps.

Now in the game of personalities, Slasher is no legend. He is ruthless and violent, showing no sympathy as he kills and eats humans. He brags about this reaper part of his personality, once talking about slashing a woman until he was bored. He also is pretty petty, always trying to go on Kyojuro‘s nerves and pushing his buttons. Overall our Slasher represents all demons—someone who is bloodlust and empty of human feelings.

His story

Slaher makes his grand entrance at The Mugen train Arc, rummaging through a village and searching for prey. He decides to settle for a woman and murders her ruthlessly. The next night he goes on the train only to find the train worker minding his business. You guessed it right, Slaher kills him too. This leads to the whole village trembling in fear which wasn’t acceptable for the Demon Slayer Corps. They sent Kyojuro to end the demon.

Some events happen and they finally face each other. Slasher, our petty demon, tries to provoke Kyojuro to attack him but then threatens that he will kill a young boy if Kyojuro does really attack him. Slasher attempts to kill the young guy he was holding down but gets both his hands cut off by Kyojuro, who doesn’t joke around.

The story doesn’t end here. After regrowing his hands, Slasher attempts to kill yet another person to provoke Kyojuro, kind of telling him who the boss is, using his blood demon art. Slasher loses the game because Kyojuro knows how to handle demons like him. Kyojuro mocks Slasher about his low speed and decapitates him when he can’t even react—end of this Demon’s story.

What are Slasher’s abilities?

Slasher was no ordinary Demon. He had his talents, including blood demon art and a tendency to make Hashiras sweat with his power. However, in direct battles, Slasher proved to be no match for the Flame Hashira, as he was defeated rather quickly.

In terms of special abilities, he had Regeneration abilities like most demons. Regrowing both hands or a slit Achilles was no sweat for Slasher. To add to that, Speed Augmentation was his blood demon art. This means he could enhance his speed and get to a far distance sooner than you blink. This ability was turned on whenever his blue tattoos glowed and his whole body was seen like a giant blue light. Reminds me of Super Sonic.


Facts about Slasher in Demon Slayer

Slasher was a creation purely for anime fans. Yep, he never made his grand entrance in the manga. And his pickiness with food? It turns out demons aren’t precisely foodies regarding human cuisine, which you’d find tucked away in the second databook. Imagine being at a buffet, and everything smells like garbage. Talk about a tough crowd!

Let’s answer your questions

In which chapter Slasher comes for the first time?

Unfortunately, Slasher was a character solely made for anime watchers. He never showed up in the manga.

Who is The Slasher in Demon Slayer?

Kirisaki, or The Slasher was a rather ordinary demon who showed up in The Mugen Train Arc to spice things up and create trouble. Kyojuro later decapitated him

What episode is Rengoku vs Slasher?

the Kimetsu no Yaiba S2 EP01 is where Slasher and Rengoku Kyojuro battle in a fight.

So that’s all for our troublemaker demon, Slasher. He was as fast as The Flash with a questionable taste in food and quirky actions that might’ve been mistaken for a 2-year-old. Tell me in the comments what you think of him.

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