Who is Ubume?

Who is Ubume? Good or Evil?

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Hey there folks! Today’s topic is Ubume from Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no yaiba. Are you as excited as I am?

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Ubume is a tiny woman with long black hair and crimson-red eyes that captivate you. Her eyes draw you in and her beauty is no joke. She used to be a super sweet loving mother to her daughter Sae. I imagine she was the kind of mother to kiss her goodnight every night or bake her her favorite cookies whenever she was feeling down. But on one rather unlucky day, she became a demon, completely shifting her personality.

Ubume in her demon form is wicked and violent. She fits perfectly in the Twelve Kizuki as a high-ranking demon at lower rank one. Her personality? She is like a person we all know from school who has this kind and super nice exterior but can be devilish and merciless on the inside. Ubume is a character full of paradoxes, but as we all are right?

Ubume in demon slayer

What’s Ubume‘s backstory?

Her backstory is something you can see only in dramas. Ubume used to be a loving parent, daydreaming about their next big house or a spontaneous city they could travel to. But nothing can get in the way of Muzan as he transforms her into a demon one day, and not just a regular one. He made her an elite, one of the finest members of the Twelve Kizuki. It’s quite a plot, isn’t it?

Her power

First of all WOW. I absolutely love the subtleness of her abilities and how they perfectly blend with her soft exterior. Although her powers are more than enough when it’s time to get harsh. A remarkable match is when she was faced with Sanemi Shinazugawa and Masachika Kumeno in a battle. These people were no ordinary demon slayer. They were top tier but sadly got defeated and beaten up by Ubume, our beloved sweet mother. Masachika doesn’t even make it out alive.

Ubume is bold and strong, with lightning-fast reflexes that leave her opponents in awe. You must be curious about her fighting style am I right? Well, it’s all about her blood demon art. She is the master of illusions. something that is perfectly illustrated and played within the world of animes. If you have seen Bungo Stray Dogs you get what I’m saying. Anyway, Ubume creates mind-blowing illusions that can be gross as well. For example, she once turned a cozy room into an inside of a stomach!

Her illusions are hard to get out of. Sanemi who was a kinoe-ranked couldn’t sense he was under her spell until Masachika weakened her illusions by breaking a demon-dispelling mirror on her. She’s that powerful.

Ubume the former rank 1 of upper moon

 Some Facts you might enjoy

Let’s talk about the name “Ubume“. The name is like an enigma. With every piece of kanji information, the enigma gets revealed a bit more. So “姑” (u) means “woman, mother-in-law” (u) is the first letter and the meaning is like a hint for the start of her story. “獲” (bu) means “to catch, to obtain, to harvest, seize” Which is the perfect definition for her demon form. Ubume was always on the hunt for something to harvest. Lastly “鳥” (me) means “bird, inferior” Which is very fitting for her personality and also her ending. I love a good easter hunt in Animes. It’s fun to find out hidden meanings, don’t you agree?

Now let’s break down her real human name “Yae”. “弥” (ya) means “distant, overflowing, full” and “栄” (e) means “glory, honor, to flourish”. This part gives me goosebumps as I’m writing it. By now we know that names predict life stories. So I believe a life full of overflowing happiness and glory was awaiting Ubume before Muzan decided to change her fate, and that’s very heartbreaking for me.

Who killed Ubume in Demon Slayer?

well, to no one’s surprise, it’s Sanemi Shinazugawa. An ace among demon slayers.

Is Ubume evil?

It’s a matter of perspective, really. But yes she is a villain technically, becoming complex and violent after turning into a demon.


This is the end of Ubume‘s exciting story. We covered almost every aspect of her life and found out so much about her. In my eyes, she’s an extremely underrated character in the series. Using illusions to finish Demon Slayers is so cool and needs to be used more. Ubume is a very gray person for me. She can be so sweet that your stomach hurts and so bitter that you start choking. She can be pretty amazing at both and her story is a mix of her violent and her sweet side.

I believe everyone in real life is like Ubume. we have so many sides and characteristics that only come out based on our conditions. No one is pure binary or pure black and white. Ubume reminds me of myself like no other Anime character could ever, and that’s what I love about her. I’ll see you on our next adventure folks!

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