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Who is Warabihime Daki (蕨姫妲己)?

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Today I’ll be talking about Daki better known as Warabihime Daki. First off I should say that she’s my favorite character in Demon Slayer. Daki is the infamous antagonist in the series. She is a member of the Twelve Kizuki, holding the position of the upper rank six. However, Daki wasn’t always a demon. Over a century ago she was once a human living with his brother Gyutaro. Her name used to be Ume. Daki and her brother were later transformed into a demon by Doma who was Upper Rank Six at the time. It sounds like quite a journey, doesn’t it?

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Daki’s Appearance

Daki was a beautiful curvy woman with long black hair and pale skin. Her lime-green eyes were the first and the best feature I saw on her face. Her long shiny hair was put into a ponytail and put together with the help of three Kanzashis. Daki rocked a two-piece version of her kimono which was pink panties tied with two black bows, one on each side, and magenta pieces of clothes that covered her chest. She wore a pink flower patterned obi around her waist that she would use for her blood demon art.

After her obi sashes were returned to her, we see black cracks appear on different parts of her body and her hair turns from black to pale white with lime green tips. It’s similar to her human form long ago. On top of everything when Gyutaro awakens he puts his left eye upside-down on Daki‘s forehead creating black ink-like markings.

When Daki was a child she had long white hair with messy bangs and beautiful blue eyes. The kind of beauty that would alter adults. Later on in her demon form she still was the prettiest demon to exist. As Muzan told her in the anime: “You are the most beautiful creature there is..


What is Warabihime Daki’s personality?

Warabihime Daki is quite a character. She is prideful, cruel, and has an ego the size of an ocean. So you won’t be surprised if I tell you she likes to play games with people. Not the fun exciting games, the kind that says “I will make your life a living hell”. That’s how Daki rolls, toying with her victims before killing them.

Years of hanging out with her boss, Muzan has shaped Daki into a demon who can’t take failure lightly. She became a perfectionist and sadist. Talk about healthy adjectives. Now picture this: She transformed into a demon when she was only thirteen, so despite her being over a hundred years old she owns this childish side to her. Whenever things don’t work out for her she begins throwing a tantrum and acting bratty, crying as if the whole world is coming to an end.

Adding on to her quote-on-quote beautiful personality, I should note that Daki was a bully to her male co-workers. She roasted them to the point they couldn’t take it anymore. She wasn’t afraid to rub her high status in their faces. Talking about her pride I have to tell you that she was also a picky eater. Daki wouldn’t eat you if you weren’t pretty or good enough. She would just be pleased you’re dead.

Getting a little bit deeper into her personality, it’s time to talk about her roots. Daki came from a poor family, always looking for food. So imagine how she might’ve felt when she transformed into a demon. Demons don’t need money. They don’t get sick and they don’t die. It was like winning a lifetime lottery.

Here’s the kicker: Despite all the cruel seeds inside her she had love for one thing in this whole world, her brother. Gyutaro and Daki showcased a love-hate relationship between each other in the series, but deep down she loved him to death. When they reunited in the afterlife she clinged to him and wouldn’t leave his side. I think his promise to always be there for her left a huge emotional impact on our cruel heartless Daki.

Her backstory

Daki‘s story has its ups and downs, probably more than normal. She grew up in the rough parts of the Entertainment District as Ume. With her family being poor and her mom a prostitute, Daki‘s life was anything but easy. Let me tell you about her mom. She struggled hugely with mental health issues, which I believe comes naturally with the harsh conditions of living. She had tried multiple times to end her life and her children’s. She also wasn’t very satisfied with how Daki was coming of age.

But things get worse. One day her mom goes after her with a razor in an attempt to cut her hair. That’s when Gyutaro completely loses it, lashing out at her. From then on her mother kept her distance from Daki. Thank god right?

Ume‘s beauty was no joke. Often people would do things just to please her and see her smile. Gyutaro saw her beauty as a ticket to get out of their miserable life and he was right. Ume ended up being offered to work in a high-class brothel, training to become an oiran. It’s no surprise that she learned the skills so fast even before her training was over.

Ume or past human form of Daki

Ume worked as Gyutaro became the finance man. Everything seemed to be good until one day Ume poked out a samurai’s eyeball just because he had insulted Gyutaro. Therefore as punishment, she was tied and buried alive. Gyutaro found her and desperately tried to help her, asking anyone for help. Meanwhile, Doma was passing around the area and found them. He offered to turn them into demons as a kind gesture in his mind.

Long story short they transformed into demons and her new more exciting life began. Daki as a demon was violent, cruel, and beyond deadly. She took out Seven Hashira, which is no small task. She eventually caught Muzan’s eye.

What are Warabihime Daki’s Powers?

The first thing you should know is that Daki was no ordinary demon. Her desires fueled her brain and her brain was an amazing tool that could boost her physical powers. Daki was called a “Special Demon” by the boss of all villains, Muzan Kibutsuji, which says enough already. On top of that, she managed to fight and take down Seven Hashira who are extraordinary demon slayers. Daki manages to also put up a good fight with NezukuZenitsuInosoke, and Tanjiro and gives them a hard time. Basically, she shows us how the job gets done right? Let’s discuss her powers.

  1. Her speed and reflexes: Daki is as fast as lightning, dodging attacks from multiple people all at once and beating them up without them knowing what’s going on.
  2. The next stop is her strength: Daki‘s physical strength is mindblowing. we’re talking about lifting up 3 times her size and punching deep holes in the roof. She is well capable of doing it all. But what we all agree is that her main trick is her ability to turn her body into cloth sashes. A close call I remember is when Tanjiro attempted to chop her head off Daki easily turned her neck into a sash and survived.

She basically can use any part of her body as a weapon, even her hair. Imagine fighting someone who is this powerful. Pretty impressive right?

  1. Daki has some advantages because of her brother. His abilities enhance hers and earn her position and rank on the Upper Banks.

Some examples are:

Immunity to decapitation: Because her brother’s ‘core’ is inside her it’s almost impossible to take her down. Inosoke and Genten tried to kill her and she just wouldn’t give in. The only way to defeat her is to take her brother Gyutaro out.

Psychic connection with her brother: Daki and Gyutaro can share feelings and senses and therefore they can control each other’s bodies which is like a superpower. It’s basically a built-in backup system! Using this ability, Daki appears to be even more powerful than she already is.

4. Lastly Daki is always and I mean always mentally prepared for a fight. You can’t catch her off-guard. She lives for a good battle and never gets tired of it, so fighting her is definitely not for beginners. In my head, Daki is like the Harry Houdini of Demon World. There’s always something up her sleeve.

What’s Daki’s mysterious Blood Demon art?

Her Blood Demon art gets as creepy as it can get, resembling a cleverly written horror movie. Everything is about those sashes that she wears. They are actually made of her own flesh. I need you to imagine a metal shield that has sharp blades all over it, and please close your eyes for better mental vision. Okay now imagine a person wearing this shield all over her body. Now that’s Daki for you.

She can transform her clothes into a million sashes that are as sharp as swords and as hard as shields, which is like killing a bird with two stones. On top of that Daki has a telepathic connection with each of the sashes. She is able to watch whats happening through them and therefore has control over literally everything. Pretty damn hard to fight her huh?

Another tactical part is a very pleasing one for her and a rather disturbing one for me. Daki can kind of preserve the people she finds beautiful and appetizing inside these sashes, to eat them later. But the tricky part is here. These people can escape and survive only if they manage to cut through the sashes without injuring themselves.

Daki’s signature move in fighting is the eight-layered obi sash. She utilizes eight sash extensions to slice up her opponents and kill them effortlessly. It is a mix of frightening and powerful, just like herself. So if you ever think you can take her down in a one-to-one fight, think twice for your own sake.

The fun part of her story (The Entertainment District Arc)

The Entertainment District Arc is a perfect blend of drama, strategic moves, and pretty nasty stuff. You’re not tired yet are you? If not come with me as I walk you through the intense scenes.

Daki disguised herself as an oiran named Warabihime and escaped Tengen Uzui‘s sharp gaze. Daki even confronted Zenistu Agatsuma and asked him what he was doing in someone else’s room but quickly grew impatient and irritated when he didn’t answer her properly. After all, she is like a spoiled child remember? So she lashes out on him and starts beating the hell out of Zenitsu But quickly portrays a kind personality as the brothel’s master begs her to stop and demands Zenitsu‘s bruises to be healed. We later watch her get high off of her evil plans of killing and eating all her enemies in her room.

Later on, she gets her hands dirty with Tanjiro. We all know how the story goes. She asks him about something, in this case, she is curious about Tanjiro‘s backup plan, and when he refuses to answer her Daki gets mad and starts a fight. She compliments Tanjiro‘s eyes and tells him that she wishes to eat them. Straight out of a horror movie! She also makes fun of his sword and threatens to kill him if he doesn’t speak up, which he doesn’t. Daki attacks him but is surprised when Tanjiro cuts through her sashes with a Hinokami Kagura technique. Attacking her again as she is no longer confident to win Tanjiro decapitated her head. Her head falls to the ground and she is faced with her brother Gyutaro. Daki starts to bully Gyutaro at first, claiming that she wishes he never was her brother. But reality starts to hit her and she gets emotional. She starts crying saying that she doesn’t want to die. However, her head finally disintegrated, leaving only his brother.

Gyutaro begins reminiscing the memories he had with his sister. He imagines her in her original form, as Ume. She apologizes for saying bad words to him and tells him that she would never let him go. They embrace each other tightly and depart to the afterlife as Gyutaro carries Ume on his back just like in old times.

Daki and gyutaro heads

So, there you have it, the Entertainment District Arc. An arc full of sibling love and intense drama that enriches Daki‘s life story. I was enjoying each and every moment.

My version of the Conclusion

okay, it’s time to end things up. Let’s do it, shall we?

Daki was born into a cruel world of poverty, learning at a young age that she should fight for her most basic needs. I think if it wasn’t for her tough and heartbreaking past, she wouldn’t have become the powerful and feared demon she became. I’ve noticed it’s a pattern in all of the villains’ stories. They get hurt and become passionate about hurting other people, as a form of self-defense? or revenge. You can name it whatever you want.

Her abilities are out of this world. She uses her brain well just as she does her body. Daki is known for being strong, elegant, and terrifying which I think sums up her personality right. But part of me still sees her as Ume, an innocent and beautiful child who wanted to break free from being poor and from her abusive mother. It’s funny how thin the lines of heroism and villainy are, for I think she might’ve ended up as a hero had the situation been different. Her powers are so mind-blowing. Daki is something else, isn’t she?

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