Why Goblin Slayer's Red Eye Captivated Me?

Why does Goblin Slayer’s Eye turn red?

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I shall bring your attention to this guy’s charisma and deadly demeanor once again. Goblin Sayer is not your typical dark fantasy Anime. It’s captivating on another level, and its soft moments deepen the story. As for the Goblin Slayer himself, I must say the series did him a bit dirty by making him use a metal helmet, for you can’t see his facial expressions most of the time. There is a twist though. You can’t get a glimpse of his determination when the red eye comes out. His glowing red eye passes through the holes of his helmet and shows how bloodlust he can be when it comes to Goblins. I’ll explain this matter more later.

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Are you guys ready?

Why does the Goblin Slayer’s eye turn red?

Well, as I said earlier we needed some form of expression to know what he’s feeling while slicing those humongous Goblins. To be direct with you, it’s a visual effect for dramatic moments. It’s his way of showing how overcome he is with rage and how thirsty he is for some Goblin blood.

But your favorite author has dug a little bit deeper for you. There is a reason for one eye glowing red underneath Goblin Slayer’s rusty helmet. It’s the eye from which he first witnessed his family being murdered by Goblins. That’s why it glows crimson when he gets edgy and bloodlust, losing his humanity. The red eye comes out to say: “You are so dead, Goblins!”.

Goblin Slayer Red Eye

What Color Are Goblin Slayer’s Eyes?

The Goblin Slayer’s eyes are normally a light scarlet color which are covered by his bangs. While fighting Goblins, we witness a certain glow from his eye, kind of like a red alerting light. It’s a way to show his emotions at the moment. For me, it resembles the badass high-volume background songs in action movies. Just like that you know something intimidating is going to happen when you see the red eye.

Another take on this scary effect is to tell us how determined The Goblin Slayer is. His whole life’s purpose lies in knocking out Goblins. The glowing red eye is a reminder of his traumatic past, his family being killed, and the hardships he went through to become the legend he is now. All these skills have cost him so many things in the past, many of them being because of Goblins. That’s why he gets firey and bloodlust even seeing them pass by.

Goblin Slayer's Red Eye

I have something to tell you

First off, thanks for sticking until here. It means the world to me, literally. Secondly, I want to tell you whether you are an avid anime fan or don’t vibe with it at all, please give Goblin Slayer a chance. It won’t disappoint you, and you might start loving dark fantasy themes as I did.

There are so many Adventures with amazing stories, light but deep scenes, and so much visual satisfaction. The Goblin Slayer captivates you with his silent mysterious demeanor. The Red Eye will keep you on the edge of your seat and overall this series gives you all the emotions!

Go watch it and drop a comment below what you think of it, I’ll read each and every one. Bye for now!

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